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Used car BMW 7 Series in the defect report: top model with few defects

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Defects report for used BMW 7 Series
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And this at comparatively low prices: Four-year-old copies of the BMW 730d with the 231 hp six-cylinder Diesel, high-quality equipment and around 50,000 kilometers on the meter are already being traded for 25,000 euros. In any case, the interest should concentrate particularly on models that were approved after the facelift in March 2005, because B MW left these versions with a revised chassis, more logical i-Drive controls and heavily renovated engines in the 730i, 740i , 750i and 745d roll off the production line. The two high-torque and sophisticated diesel models have also been equipped with a particulate filter since then and meet the Euro 4 standard.

In addition to the beefy three-liter diesel, sedans with V8 engines deserve special attention because they offer more pulling power and superiority than the six-cylinder petrol engine in the BMW 730i - albeit with high fuel consumption. The electronic problems that were initially the order of the day with the models introduced in 2001 with the innovative i-Drive operating system are now a thing of the past. Windows opened for no reason and couldn't be closed any more than the doors, the navigation system went on strike, and the engine management system didn't work properly. That BMW the problems over the years in the Got hold of it, was shown in an endurance test with a BMW 740d that auto motor und sport carried out between 2003 and 2005.

The very spacious luxury limousine handled its long-distance workload reliably and routinely and was characterized by very good suspension comfort and surprisingly agile handling despite its impressive dimensions.


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