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Toyota Prius tuning: Liberty Walk extreme the hybrid

Toyota Prius-Tuning
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W hen the term “reason car” is explained in the lexicon, there is almost certainly a picture of the Toyota Prius next to it. The hybrid is economical, inconspicuous, socially acceptable - and in the eyes of many car fans simply boring. But now Liberty Walk proves that the Prius can also find the hipster in itself and turn it outside.

Spoilers, sills, diffusers, rims

The Japanese cult tuner missed the facelift -Version of the compact car with the two hearts, a body kit consisting of a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear apron panel including a diffuser insert. If you want, you can add a spoiler lip on the tailgate to the aerodynamics package. And if you miss the bolted fender flares that are so typical for Liberty Walk on the photo car: The Japanese also offer these for the Toyota Prius - just like practical wind deflectors for the side windows.

The tuner also offers a matching set of wheels well-known Liberty Walk design. However, he does not provide any more detailed information on the dimensions of the rims and tires. The same applies to the exact lowering, which was achieved with a coilover kit (almost 1,500 euros) including air suspension for almost 7,000 euros. Cost point for the body kit including wheels: the equivalent of a little more than 4,100 euros. One thing is certain: the Prius is no longer really sensible in this configuration - and certainly not boring.

By the way: It's not just the Japanese who come up with strange things around the Prius and other Toyota hybrid models . The German press department also makes a contribution to the image of the Japanese hybrid fleet. Among other things with a rap video on Youtube, which is difficult to explain - but which you absolutely have to see.

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