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Toyota Prius GR: hybrid with sporty ambitions

The new Prius is sportier than all its predecessors. A true sports version of the new Prius is increasingly coming into focus. Toyota itself shows a first concept car.

The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has become increasingly sporty over the past few years. With the GR86 and the new Supra you even have two real sports cars on offer. For almost all other series, there are sporty variants that the subsidiary Gazoo contributes. GR Sport models are at the bottom of the food chain, with the GRMN models on top.

PHEV from the RAV4 conceivable

With the new Prius, the Japanese presented the sportiest Prius model of all time at the end of 2022. Its plug-in hybrid drive sends up to 223 hp to the front axle. The new Prius can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. Sporty customers can also spice up the new Prius optically with parts from the Gazoo shelf.

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But it could be even more dynamic. As the Japanese car magazine Best Car reported in January 2023, Toyota is working on a Prius GRMN variant, i.e. a real sports model. However, its configuration has not yet been finally decided. Toyota is currently exploring the tuning potential of the two-liter four-cylinder hybrid drive. A complete change of the drive train is also conceivable. Here the RAV4 would offer itself as a donor. Its PHEV combines a 2.5-liter petrol engine with two electric motors. The performance would increase to 306 hp. The additional electric motor on the rear axle makes the Prius an all-wheel drive vehicle. A manual transmission, as offered by various other Gazoo models, would not be possible with the RAV4 drive either. It would stay with the continuously variable transmission.

The Prius GRMN is increasing in the area. More spot welds make the body more torsion-resistant, and a stiffer chassis ensures improved driving dynamics. Larger wheels and aerodynamic body add-on parts also ensure independence. ,

And a clear Gazoo handwriting should also be recognizable in the interior. According to Best Car-Infos, the Prius GRMN could later debut between late 2023 and early 2024.

Toyota with Prius sports concept

But Toyota itself is also pouring oil on the sports fire. As part of the 24h race in Le Mans, the Japanese are exhibiting the Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition. The eye-catchers of the concept vehicle are its exclusive wheels and its striking aerodynamic add-on parts. The 18-inch aero-design rims are fitted with 235/50 tires. Like the side skirts, the flaps at the front, the rear wing and the rear diffuser, the bonnet is made of visible carbon. Wheel arch extensions are the logical addition to the widened track on both axles. LED auxiliary headlights in the barred spoiler front apron are intended to light up the night.

Toyota itself only speaks of a homage to the long-distance race, in which the Japanese with their hybrid cars are the absolute favorites for 2023 . Observers see the concept car as a clear further step towards a genuinely sporty Prius.


Japanese media have already speculated about a sports Prius, Toyota itself is following up with a sports concept. A true dynamic version of the new Prius is becoming more and more tangible. A Prius GR should definitely get more power. The takeover of the plug-in hybrid drive from the RAV4 is conceivable. The would bring 306 hp and all-wheel drive. Such a model would certainly fit the sporty orientation of the brand, which the Japanese have been driving for a few years.


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