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Toyota Prius (2019): Small facelift and all-wheel drive option

Toyota Prius (2019)
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D he front of the slightly redesigned Prius is now adorned with slim new headlights with double LED units (bi-beam LED). The taillights have also been redesigned. Together with the raised bumpers, a flowing line should be created in the side view, which should give the Prius a sportier silhouette. Horizontal lines at the front and rear also emphasize the vehicle's low center of gravity. The recess for the rear license plate has also been redrawn.

In addition, the Toyota Prius has two new paint colors Karmina Red Metallic and Reflex Blue Metallic as well as newly designed 17-inch alloy wheels.


In the interior, the revision is evident in the changed arrangement of the instruments on the center console and the dashboard. There are also new seat cushions and an enlarged charging cradle for smartphones. Navigation instructions are now shown directly in the head-up display, the upgraded infotainment system now also reacts to gesture control.

Optional all-wheel drive

For the US market, Toyota also offers an optional AWD e-system, which temporarily turns the Prius into an all-wheel drive. The Prius also has a second electric motor on the rear axle. The system is intended as a starting aid on slippery terrain, so the rear-wheel drive only supports you up to a speed of ten km /h. At 75 km /h at the latest, he gets out completely. The rear electric motor draws its energy from a new nickel-metal-hydride battery, which is located under the rear seats and does not affect the trunk volume. The front-wheel drive models keep the lithium-ion battery. The all-wheel drive version does not come to Germany. In the US, the all-wheel drive option costs $ 1,400 extra.


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