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Toyota Auris Facelift in the driving report - The renovated compact

Toyota Auris 1.33 VVT-i in the driving report
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Certainly there is - as there is actually for everything - an old Japanese wisdom that goes: If you have a problem with the accelerator pedal, i.e. via the center armrests. Marketing wanted to talk about this and not so much about the accelerator recall campaign when presenting the refreshed Toyota A uris talk, also about exterior mirrors with LED indicators and soft-coated surfaces. After three years, Toyota Europeanized its world car.

Toyota Auris with more dynamic driving behavior

This is less evident in changes such as new lights, the slightly revised front and larger air intakes, but rather in elementary things like one new suspension setup. The previous one had to be suitable for African gravel roads as well as for German motorways, which led to less than convincing compromises in suspension comfort and handling.

Now the Toyota technicians are giving the Toyota Auris for Europe more efficient dampers that are just as beneficial for comfort as it is for agility. This supports the more directly coordinated electric power steering, which has a more feedback-intensive characteristic curve. This gives the Auris more dynamic driving behavior - without offering anything above average.

Many small changes add up to a better Toyota Auris

It fits the mild character new basic petrol. The motorsport experience that went into its all-aluminum construction is more evident in the low weight of the 1.33-liter engine than in its fiery temperament. The 99 hp are sufficient for sufficient performance - as long as the six gears of the precisely shiftable gearbox are diligently used and the hectic flashing of the gearshift indicator is ignored. Alternatively, there is a 1.6-liter petrol engine with 132 hp and three diesels (90 to 177 hp). Lots of small changes add up to a better Toyota Auris. He can really accelerate in the second half of his life - of course it shouldn't be an allusion.


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