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The new Kia X-Ceed (2019): data, pictures, video, facts

The new Kia X-Ceed (2019)
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W if you imagine that: There is an automobile manufacturer from Korea who is indulging in the luxury of bringing a series specially designed for Europe onto the market. But that's not all. The obligatory hatchback and station wagon versions are followed by a shooting brake. A niche segment is occupied in a small part of the sales market - and is almost unrivaled there. But now it’s coming: This manufacturer is actually pushing a fourth expansion stage behind. We are talking about the Kia Ceed, more precisely the crossover model XCeed.

Of course, the Koreans want to harvest the SUV boom in full bloom, and not just with Niro, Stonic, Sportage and Sorento. The compact class receives special treatment and becomes a car for everyone who wants to pilot manageable dimensions but prefer to sit a few centimeters higher. There may also be a touch of adventure, in other words: plastic paneling, suggested underride protection and a chassis that is around four centimeters higher. 'A touch' also means that you never really go into rough terrain, but mostly to the supermarket parking lot and occasionally over a dirt road.

Completely new - except for the doors

Patrick Lang
Compared to the hatchback Ceed, the crossover is 85 millimeters longer. The overhangs have also grown.

The Kia XCeed, which will be launched in the late third quarter of 2019, has a stem cell donor purely externally little in common. The Ceed hatchback and XCeed only share the driver and passenger doors. All other body parts are completely newdrawn. The grill is no longer a classic tiger nose, but rather borrows its design from the facelift model of the Niro. This means that the edging only runs as a clasp above and below. The new LED headlights are intended to take up the curve created in this way with a square recess. For this design tweak at the front, Kia approved the XCeed to have a vehicle width that is 26 millimeters wider (1,826 mm). While the wheelbase is the same as that of the Ceed family, by the way, the Koreans lengthen the overhangs (front plus 25 mm, rear plus 60 mm) and thus the overall length by 85 millimeters compared to the hatchback. The luggage compartment holds 426 liters of which 31 more than the hatchback. At the rear, the designers prominently placed a diffuser with two outward-facing tailpipe trims. Exhaust gases do not have to worry about the black openings, although depending on the engine there are actually two tailpipes under the rear apron.

Speaking of engines: three petrol and two diesel are provided for the crossover. In the case of gasoline engines, that would be the one-liter three-cylinder with 120 hp, the 1.4-liter four-cylinder with 140 hp and ... yes, and what else? There won't be an XCeed GT. But the GT engine - so you can also book a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 204 hp. Two four-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 1.6 liters and 115 or 136 hp are offered for diesel engines. What all units have in common is compliance with the Euro 6d-Temp emissions standard and the choice between a manual six-speed gearbox and a seven-speed double clutch. Well, almost all of them. For the entry-level petrol there will only be the manual box. Kia will add the mild and plug-in hybrid versions at the beginning of 2020.

Patrick Lang
Kia packs three petrol and two diesel under the hood of the Xceed.

Full HD displays in the cockpit

As far as the interior is concerned, the 10.25-inch infotainment system introduced in the new Niro has its own Sim card for live traffic data collection. The smaller, already familiar 8-inch display will also be available. Navigate here via smartphone coupling (Android and Apple). The large screen can be freely displayed in its tile viewconfigure. For the first time, digital instruments are also available for a Ceed family member, which can also change their shape if necessary - for example in sport mode with a reduced display. A navigation map like that of other manufacturers cannot be displayed here. Kia leaves this task to the large central screen because of its better readability. Nonetheless, all displays in the XCeed are resolved in Full HD.

In order to further heat up the atmosphere with all the sharpness of the display, the windscreen, steering wheel and seats can also be heated. The latter with the top “Platinum” equipment also ventilate cool if necessary. Incidentally, the equipment lines move analogously to the gradations known from the Ceed family. Accordingly, all safety and assistance systems that have already been available are also available. A special feature applies to the launch year: based on the platinum version, there will also be a launch edition with yellow quilted seats (but then not with ventilation) and yellow decorative elements in the cockpit. In addition, Kia gives the customer the choice between white, gray and yellow exterior paintwork. The latter, the Quantum Yellow, is a color that was launched exclusively for the XCeed.

The Kia X-Ceed with the 1.0-liter turbo gasoline engine costs from 21,390 euros. The model offers, among other things, LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels, front collision warning, active lane departure warning, drowsiness warning and high beam assistant as standard.


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