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Subaru Impreza STI: Discreet sports look

STI stands for Sport at Subaru. At the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Japanese show the first STI attachments for the new compact model Impreza.

Subaru presented the new Impreza at the LA Auto Show in November 2022. The five-door is only available in the hatchback variant, but sticks to the boxer drive. In the USA there are two four-cylinders with 154 and 185 hp in combination with CVT transmissions and all-wheel drive to choose from. In Japan, the Impreza will also come onto the market with the 150 hp e-boxer. ,

Doesn't sound particularly sporty. At the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Japanese are trying to follow suit. Shown is an Impreza in STI trim. And it really only brings new add-on parts; on the drive side, no upgrades with STI flair are in sight.

Black aerodynamic parts

Black-painted alloy wheels with STI hub caps are in the wheel arches of the STI Impreza. The STI team has upgraded the rear view with a new diffuser insert for the apron, which creates space for a twin-pipe exhaust that opens out in the middle. Small wing elements on the corners of the apron add a sporty touch. The roof edge of the tailgate is crowned by a spoiler, which in the STI trim shows a little more spoiler lip than the standard version. The front of the Impreza is accentuated by a circumferential spoiler lip with side flaps that hugs the standard apron. ,

Side skirts with small wing elements in front of the rear wheels act as a connecting element between the front and rear. Like all other aerodynamic parts, these are also finished in high-gloss black. The STI appearance is rounded off by tinted windows on the rear doors and tailgate.

The only STI technology upgrade seems to be the muffler made of stainless steel with the double tailpipe already mentioned. ,


Subaru shows in Tokyo aerodynamic add-on parts for the new Impreza from the development of STI. They should soon be available for the production models. A new dual-pipe exhaust system will also be on display. However, STI currently does not offer more power.


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