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Subaru E-Boxer: Hybrid models are also coming to Europe

Subaru E-Boxer
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A The Crosstrek Hybrid with the additional name StarDrive was presented at the LA Autoshow in autumn 2018. The relies on a two-liter gasoline engine in boxer design in combination with two electric motors. The first electric motor is an integrated starter generator, which, like the second electric motor, was built into the CVT transmission for direct drive. The typical permanent Subaru all-wheel drive is retained. The combustion engine should deliver 137 hp and 182 Nm. 118 HP and 202 Nm are specified for the direct drive electric motor. The total output is put at around 150 hp.

The boxer engine is the basis of the electrified drive train.

The performance of the hybrid system should hardly increase compared to the pure gasoline engine, but the electric support is noticeable, the torque increase. For the Japanese version of the Subaru Forester E-Boxer, 156 HP system output and 254 Nm maximum torque were named.

Subaru will offer the Forester and the XV as E-Boxer variants on the European market. The market launch is in autumn 2019, prices have not yet been announced.


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