Sportec-Audi RS 470 in the test

Rossen Gargolov
Sportec-Audi RS 470 tested
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S Are you a skier? Then you also know the curve duels on the way to the winter vacation home. The only thing you can do to combat the flood of four-wheel steam hammers at the valley stations of all mountain railways is to upgrade. Sportec has an antidote: With the Sportec RS 470, a serpentine fright based on the Audi RS3 Sportback takes the stage.

5-cylinder primal scream at Quattro S1 level

The one for High-horsepower Porsche conversions, well-known tuners from Switzerland donated the five-cylinder turbo engine a larger turbocharger called the K24.500 and a Sportec intercooler. The Swiss also modified the Motronic, changed the intake and implanted a sports air filter. On the exhaust side, a Sportec exhaust system is used in addition to Sport-Kats, which ends in two 100 mm exhaust pipes. The result is not only an increase in output from 130 to 470 hp, but also a five-cylinder sound that would have made Walter Röhrl jealous during his rally days in the Quattro S1.

Broooooommmmm, the speed needle trembles around 3100 rpm Release the brake - with a perfect launch control start, the Sportec-Audi RS 470, almost free of slip, tattoos a 3.8 for the sprint from zero to 100 km /h in the asphalt. The 340 hp production model needs four tenths of a second longer for the same discipline ( Audi RS3 in the supertest ). It goes over the 200 mark in an impressive 13.9 seconds (series: 17.5 s). The top speed of the compact sports car climbs from 250 to 285 km /h.

Swiss tuner is lowering the Audi RS3

The latter entices not only Porsche drivers to raise their thumbs in appreciation, but also ESP -Lamp for cheerful continuous flashing on bumps. A side note that is due to the tight Bilstein B16 Clubsport chassis (lowering 25 mm). Otherwise, the Sportec-RS3 behaves inconspicuously in everyday life, apart from the dull red foil.

ESP off, now it is under attack. Even without control electronics, the RS 470 shines with traction, even with winter tires on a damp slope. On snow, the Sportec-Schreck turns its rear end much more lively than the production model thanks to the Haldex kit with power distribution that can be adjusted three times by remote control. The 0815 Audi RS3 recently hit the snow in the sport auto all-wheel drive testStoically pushed over the front axle.

What is good for capricious drifts on snowy slopes is just a gimmick in dry conditions. Hockenheim, minus 11 degrees, but dry. Sure, ideal temperatures for the supplied 19-inch wheels with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup look different. But after a disciplined warm-up, the semi-slicks get halfway up to temperature even in winter.

The Sportec-Audi RS3 steers a little more directly than the production version, but also tends to understeer. The tuning device must also be driven actively with load changes in order to almost provoke a steering behavior. Nevertheless, the good-natured RS can hardly be moved to agile tail swings. Under load, it screws its way out of the corners with brute traction. Early braking points are a must, otherwise there is a risk of increased understeer when entering corners.

Impressive lap time on the racetrack

Speaking of brakes: The Movit brake system attracted attention after visiting the racetrack due to its extreme noise. In addition to the five-cylinder primal scream, the fast lap time on the Hockenheimring of 1:12.7 minutes (series: 1:15.4 min) are remembered more positively.

Sportec team has gallows humor

offside From mountain passes, however, the RS 470, like its serial brothers on the racetrack, quickly reaches its limits due to its design. In view of the weight of 1,670 kilograms, the Sportec team at least showed great humor and stuck the Audi RS3 carbon film on the roof.


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