Sono Sion with a successful crash test

Sono crashed his solar cell car Sion for the first time - the solar cells didn't splinter.

Sono Motors has completed the first complete vehicle crash tests with its solar electric car Sion. The engineers drove a Sion prototype into a barrier at a speed of 50 km/h. The test took place at Sonos development partner CSI in Italy. Before the crash, the testers had covered the test vehicle with a green paint in order to obtain higher-contrast images during the crash test, which were therefore easier to evaluate.

Solar cells unobtrusive in the crash

An important result for Sono is that the solar cells integrated into the plastic surface of the Sion did not splinter. Some users had expressed such fears on social networks. According to those responsible for Sono, it has now been proven that the solar cells pose no danger to the occupants and other road users in the event of an accident. Extended crash tests according to EURO NCAP regulations are to be carried out shortly. Those responsible for Sono emphasize that they are not expecting any surprises there either - in the previous mathematical simulations, the Sion had achieved all the necessary values.

Extensive safety standard equipment

In the course of its first crash tests, Sono also announced that it would equip the later series Sion with an extensive driver assistance system package. The package includes a collision warning system, an emergency brake assistant, a lane change assistant and a lane departure warning system, a drowsiness warning system, traffic sign recognition, rear parking sensors and the reversing camera, which is mandatory on the US market anyway. The technology for adaptive cruise control is also on board, which will then expand the assistance system package as a wireless update after the start of production. Sono is aiming for a starting price of 30,000 euros for the Sion.


Sono is noticeably advancing the development of its solar cell electric car, and the Munich-based manufacturer has now successfully completed the first crash tests. An important finding is that the solar cells embedded in the plastic surface of the car do not splinter in a crash and therefore do not endanger the occupants or other road users.

For the market launch, Sono would like to equip the Sion with an extensive assistance system package as standard. After the start of production, the engineers will then activate the already installed hardware for adaptive cruise control via a wireless update.


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