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Skoda Superb Combi in the driving report: Obsolete, but not brand new

Skoda Superb Combi in the driving report
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W infried Vahland is not one who misses the bush talks. As part of the Rapid presentation, the Skoda boss let the smaller group know that two things about the Skoda Superb bothers him: on the one hand, the inharmonious rear end of the sedan and, on the other hand, that it was a bit too narrow for its length.

Changing the body proportions would be far too expensive for a facelift, but at least the first source of interference hit the collar: Combi and sedan can now be recognized by three C-shaped light chains in the rear lights, while Octavia and Rapid have to make do with two and one C respectively. In addition, the width of the Skoda Superb is emphasized by a deep bead in the tailgate. At the front, a new front with a more angular bonnet, larger air inlets and eye-catching LED daytime running lights should better match the impressive dimensions of the Skoda Superb than the previous nose.

Skoda Superb will be significantly more economical

But hand work has also been done under the sheet metal: thanks to improved aerodynamics, slight weight reduction and fine-tuning of the drive train, the standard consumption has been reduced by up to 19 percent. Even at Obersparer Greenline, CO2 emissions fell by ten to 109 grams /km. The manual transmissions are now longer, while the DSG shifts up a gear earlier. In addition, low-friction tires are now part of the general range of standard equipment, while a start-stop system should help all diesel engines and the 1.4 TSI to save fuel in the city.

The chassis and steering of the Skoda Superb, however, remained unaffected. Therefore, the Skoda Superb continues to impress with its high level of agility, relaxed straight-line stability and effective noise insulation. From the driven two-liter TDI with 140 hp, only a faint humming can be heard even at accelerated freeway speeds. In terms of driving characteristics, there was no need for action.

In previous comparative tests, however, the Skoda Superb had to accept criticism from time to time for its rough suspension comfort. And in fact, the chassis is still of the tighter variety, which is why short transverse ribs and frost cracks noticeably knock through. The adaptive dampers offered by group brother VW Passat are not available for the Superb.

Superb with outdated infotainment

Most driver assistance systems tooor you won't find the latest infotainment generation from VW in the Skoda Superb. In contrast to the completely redeveloped Octavia, the renovated Skoda Superb still has to be content with the old navigation systems and their outdated TMC traffic jam services. After all, the improved park assist has found its way, which now cranks the Superb in gaps that are perpendicular to the direction of travel. Otherwise, the changes to the interior are limited to the steering wheel design, decorative elements and seat covers.

On the other hand, nobody should complain about the size of the interior in the Skoda Superb when the facelift model comes to the dealer at the end of June at slightly increased prices (base model 360 euros more expensive). With its upper-class space, especially in the two row, comfortable seats and the XL cargo space with a level floor, the Skoda Superb Combi continues to set the standards in its class. If you want a larger luggage space or a significantly better workmanship, you have to resort to a much more expensive T-model of the Mercedes E-Class.

For even more legroom in the deskoda Superb rear, the front passenger seat can now optionally be moved and folded down electrically from the rear - a wish of the Chinese market, where 40 percent of all Skoda Superbs are sold and mainly used as a chauffeur limousine. Due to a lack of demand, the Skoda Superb Combi has not even been offered in China, but will be added to the range after its facelift.

In this country, however, 93 percent of Skoda Superb buyers opt for the piggyback variant. But maybe the more harmonious rear of the sedan will ensure greater popularity in the future.


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