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Seat Leon ST in leasing: The best offers for the Golf brother

The new Seat Leon ST costs from 24,330 euros in the lowest performance level. The leasing rates start at 232 euros.

Golf Variant, Octavia station wagon and Leon ST - three times the same technology platform, on which three vehicles stand that make every effort to visually show as little as possible in common. So it's all just a matter of taste? Let's see what the Spaniard has to offer, especially under the hood.

The Seat Leon ST is available as a basic model with the 1.0 TSI with 90 hp. This is followed by 110, 130, 150 and at the very top 190 hp. The 1.5 TGI delivers 130 hp, the diesels, always as a two-liter TDI, 115 or 150 hp.

Seat Leon ST leasing from 232 euros

The offers refer to the day the article was created: 24.04.2023

As an alternative to cash purchase or financing, there are always attractive leasing offers for the Seat Leon ST at good conditions. On the official website, the leasing rate starts at 235 euros per month. But there are also alternatives. For example:

  • from 249.00 euros on null-leasing.com ; 131 hp/96 kW; term 48 months; Mileage: 10,000 km, availability time: immediately.
  • from 232.00 euros on leasingmarkt.de ; 110 hp/81 kW; term 48 months; Mileage: 10,000 km, availability time: November 2023.
  • Be careful with the delivery times: Due to the semiconductor crisis and the Ukraine war, these are currently quite long. According to the leasing offers, buyers of the Seat Leon ST have to wait at least four months. It is quite possible that the information will be corrected "backwards" even after the order has been placed. One solution are offers for immediately available new cars, which are then much more expensive. When looking for the best offer, it is also worth looking at additional services that are already included in the leasing rate. For example, some providers take over the provision costs, the vehicle tax or offer free leasing rate insurance.

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    The Seat Leon ST is already available for less than 200 euros per month. However, longer delivery times than usual are currently to be expected.

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