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Seat Leon Ecomotive in the driving report

Seat León Ecomotive
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S eat closes: In the latest León variant, the slats remain the grille closed. This measure is intended to reduce air resistance as well as the modified lower air inlet and the air guide elements in front of the wheels.

Seat Léon Ecomotive from March 2010

The drag coefficient drops from 0.33 to 0.30 - and brings the four-door model to the CO2 emissions target of 99 grams per kilometer, which corresponds to an average consumption of 3.8 L /100 km, is three grams closer. The automatic start-stop system saves a further eight grams, and the new drive system including braking energy recovery saves another nine grams. Its fillet, the 1.6 TDI engine, is now skimpy in numerous VW models - sometimes with and sometimes without the Blue Motion badge. Seat will deliver the 105 HP engine from the end of March for the time being only in connection with the Ecomotive package, which has to meet the self-imposed demands on the driving dynamics despite the longer geared five-speed transmission and tires with low rolling resistance.

Cultivated four-cylinder engine

'We have not only tailored the car to the standard cycle, but for the customer,' asserts Seat development engineer Thomas Diecke - Otherwise Eco Drive would be Seat León Ecomotive technical data it was still possible to save a few grams. It's hard to believe, because the gearshift indicator warns you to upshift at an early stage. If you stick to it, the TDI is playing badly with it, letting it groan up inclines with little more than idle speed. Since the very cultivated four-cylinder engine develops the maximum torque of 250 Newton meters already at 1,500 revolutions, it holds up bravely and hardly raises its voice.

The differential lock is part of the standard equipment of the Seat Léon Ecomotive

The punch known from past TDI days is missing in the Seat León Ecomotive. The very low seating position and the central rev counter convey dynamism. Seat chose the chassis tuning for its compact class anyway, so the economy variant is no exception. Even the ones from the VWGolf GTI's well-known electronic differential lock XDS is part of the standard equipment. The system usually remains unemployed on dry roads, only in very brisk corners does it effectively reduce understeer. With 17- or 18-inch wheels, even that would be superfluous if Seat hadn't deleted these options from the list of options.

Test consumption of 4.1 liters

In this way the permissible total weight could be limited, which helps with the CO2 homologation. After all, the on-board computer reports a value of 4.1 liters on the first test laps in the sluggishly splashing traffic around Barcelona - which is surprisingly close to the ideal value.


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