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Renault Mégane Grandtour in the driving report - compact loadmaster

Achim Hartmann
Renault Mégane Grandtour in the driving report
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Z two Mégane Grand Tour, two times with the same equipment , two times 130 hp, but one time 2,100 euros more expensive: You have to be an extremely frequent driver to recoup the additional costs of the diesel variant for acquisition and maintenance due to the lower consumption.

Renault relies on the downsizing principle

For most buyers, the equally powerful gasoline engine should therefore be the better choice, especially since the four-cylinder in the Renault Mégane Grandtour TCe 130 was designed according to the downsizing principle. As with the similarly designed engines from Fiat and VW should provide a relatively small displacement for economy, while a turbocharger increases power and torque to the level of a considerably larger naturally aspirated engine. With 190 Nm of torque at 2,250 rpm, the 1.4-liter TCe is not quite as good at power as the 1.9-liter dCi (300 Nm at 1,750 rpm), but overall a very pleasant, cultivated and elastic one Aggregate. Its small, responsive loader enables a burly start as well as a relaxed, low-gear driving style that goes well with the nature of the almost 1.4 ton station wagon. In addition, it is content with a consumption that is only slightly higher than that of the diesel (8.1 to 7.5 L /100 km) without great effort and further savings technology such as direct injection or start-stop.

The wheelbase and trunk volume in the Renault Mégane Grandtour have grown

That the Renault Mégane Grandtour otherwise does not tend to stingy, you can already see it from the outside. At 4.56 meters in length, it has almost outgrown the compact class, and the wheelbase, which has been extended by six centimeters, provides noticeably more legroom in the rear than in the sedan. The same applies, of course, to the trunk, the volume of which increases from 524 to 1,595 liters when the split rear seats are folded forward.

By folding down the passenger backrest, even 2.50 meter long pieces of luggage can fit in, while small items can be stored in various floor compartments. However, the enlarged loading area forms a ramp to the frontStep, the cover of which appears as windy as the folding room divider in the rear or some of the cladding. The permitted payload is also extremely tight at 419 kilograms.

Renault Mégane Grandtour is a spacious and well-equipped station wagon

After all, the comfort-oriented chassis with this ballast does not bend its knees, carries the family and luggage over bumpy country roads without any major shocks and parries itself abrupt evasive maneuvers without treacherous load change reactions. As a handling miracle, the Renault Mégane station wagon would of course be a blundering mistake, because neither the seats with little lateral support nor the callous, inhomogeneous electric steering encourage you to wag around bends. As a comfortable, spacious and well-equipped station wagon, however, the Renault will make its way - with the turbo engine even quite economical.


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