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Renault Mégane Coupé TCE 250 RS in the driving report

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Renault Mégane Coupé TCE 250 RS in the driving report
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W as for a fidgety philipp: Like a hunting dog on the trail of a rabbit, the previous RS sniffed along ruts in a zigzag and let its master feel the power of its turbo engine directly in the reins of the steering wheel. Extroverted, nervous and edgy, it went well with automotive spirits like a bottle of grain with fine French food. But he was also quick.

The Renault Mégane RS Coupé storms away from the compact sports elite

Its arch rival VW Golf GTI all too often stared at the diamond piercing on the tailgate on the racetrack. Sports golf was judged by 25 more horsepower. The new Renault Mégane RS packs even more on it. With 250 PS from a two-liter turbo with efficiency-increasing twin-scroll charging, it takes 40 PS away from the current GTI. In just 6.1 seconds, Gaul's enfant quickly storms away almost the entire compact athlete elite - now with manners.

The engine power unfolds harmoniously and evenly

From the angular sports clochard, Renault formed a round coupé that no longer takes the steering wheel out of the driver's hand when accelerating beats. For this, the Renault Sport department designed a new front axle suspension with a separate steering axle. Only the still somewhat synthetic steering feeling cannot eliminate this, but the engine power now unfolds harmoniously and evenly. With which the Renault Mégane Coupé is far from being a shadow parker. Especially with the 1,590 euro cup package including differential lock, slotted brake discs, 18-inch rims and a firmer chassis, the RS is fully on the racing card. It then even shows lap times on a display: 'Look, I sniffed the GTI.'

The handling of the Renault Mégane RS inspires

Firmly enclosed in the snug, tight-fitting sports bucket seats, the driver of the Renault Mégane Coupé RS flies along wildest combinations of corners. TheSide grip on dry roads seems endless, the handling direct, honest and inspiring. Even on slippery ground, the Renault Mégane RS pulls away with its up to 35 percent acting front axle lock. The hot Frenchman is hungry for quick fun and sparks his pilot's adrenaline. In order to cool it down again with a decisive delay when braking: 37.3 meters when braking from 100 km /h is an excellent value. The back alone does not want to make friends with the tight RS.

The Renault Mégane Coupé RS is not a suitable family transporter

Even small bumps tear into the marrow as if you were constantly on a dirt road in the south of France . In the cup configuration it is suitable - regardless of the high-quality interior - only for hit-tested sports drivers as an everyday vehicle. And the confusing Renault Coupé RS does not offer much space either. But nobody will misunderstand it as a family transporter, the Vite-vite-Mégane.


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