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New Mazda 3 (2019) Skyactiv-D 1.8 in the driving report

New Mazda 3 (2019) Skyactiv-D 1.8 in the driving report
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B Before we start the story, let's quickly clear up the obvious - just so nobody can say we have forgotten: The new Mazda 3 has become a really nice car. What's more, it's a good car and a lot of it for very little money. The diesel for 25,290 euros comes as standard with adaptive cruise control, various assistants, a head-up display, navigation system and LED headlights on board. High quality workmanship, contemporary equipment options, everything fine. There will certainly be a large number of drivers who are absolutely satisfied with it. And then there are those who still don't buy one - at least for the time being and at least not the diesel.

High quality workmanship meets extensive standard equipment and moderate Surcharge policy. Mazda puts together a good package.

Mazda itself gives the 1.8-liter unit a share of only 12 percent on the German market a. According to the plan, the largest portion (58 percent) is provided by the two-liter gasoline engine, while the Japanese are planning to use the announced Skyactiv-X engine for 30 percent of buyers. Sounds like a realistic self-assessment, because the diesel engine may be a lot, but certainly not an entertainer.

Great manual transmission, sturdy propulsion

Okay, no one expects the transformation of the car with 116 diesel hp to the fun canon. But it is annoying when the car - as in this case - looks a lot like a fun canon and, moreover, feels that way. The manual gearbox clicks into the streets with sporty precision, the steering is pleasantly direct and responsive and 270 Newton meters of torque from 1,600 revs sound like a tasty side dish. The soup is a bit bland thoughadvised, because the machine does not reach its peak before 2,500 revolutions and even then there is still a lack of correctly dosed wort. Only the noise level corresponds to the values ​​on the instruments.

Now it depends on your driving profile, whether you order this dish or rather take a second look at the menu. In sixth gear, at 120 to 130 km /h (a greeting from the kitchen to the speed limit friends), the diesel engine feels noticeably comfortable, runs smoothly - almost vibration-free. To do this, he consumes five-liter gulps of fuel every 100 kilometers. Incidentally, without making a mess, because even after doing without an SCR system, the clean engine meets the Euro 6d-Temp standard thanks to improved high-pressure injection and NOx storage catalytic converter. The diesel Mazda has no appetite for spontaneous overtaking maneuvers due to the lack of elasticity.

Steering, chassis and gearbox encourage quick cornering. Less diesel.

If you want to be on the move quickly, you shouldn't be lazy in gearshifts or sensitive to noise - because you will need some speed. But overall this contradicts what the Japanese think. After all, they wanted to put the passengers in a harmonious and quiet car. The Skyactiv-D simply lacks sovereignty. The gasoline engine is by far the rounder thing here, although it could have done with a sip or two of consommé if you understand. Let's see if Mazda can make the 'diesel gasoline engine' with 180 hp announced for later in the year palatable. In any case, the recipe reads quite delicious.


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