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MTM Audi RS3 R in Geneva: 502 hp in a compact

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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U m the 2.5- Liter turbo five-cylinder to elicit this power, MTM plants a new turbocharger with front pipe as well as a new intercooler, a stainless steel exhaust system with flap control and of course a new engine control software under the RS3 hood. Anyone who has invested EUR 18,930 for the engine package and another EUR 4,250 for the exhaust system can look forward to 502 hp and a maximum torque of 650 Nm.

MTM Audi RS3 R runs at 300 km /h

Tears of joy also guarantee the sprint time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed that should be 300 km /h. The braking system is also upgraded so that the joy lasts. 380 mm discs, which have to be paid for with 3,298 euros, are attached to the front axle. 265/30 and 235/35 tires on 19-inch rims should guarantee permanent road contact. The complete wheel set costs 2,900 euros. Add to that 2,200 euros for a new chassis. If the optics are to keep up with the technology, further investments are necessary. A front spoiler insert made of carbon costs 1,199 euros, a new rear diffuser 2,590 euros and new exterior mirror housings are charged at 549 euros.

MTM upgrades the interior of the MTM RS3 R with a quilted leather interior. This is calculated with at least 4,900 euros.


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