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Mini Clubman One D in the driving report: Mini-style lifestyle truck

Beate Jeske
Mini Clubman One D in the driving report
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S You want a mini? There are now six and soon even seven body variants. The Mini is actually a bit too tight for you? Well, the four-door Countryman offers more space. How, does it look too big for a mini? Then you are a case for the Mini Clubman. This is the name of the version that appears like a station wagon, but with a load volume of 260 to a maximum of 930 liters, it can only be seen as a lifestyle truck.

Anyone who approaches the Mini Clubman with this setting, which is not uncommon among mini enthusiasts, will be happy about the close relationship to the agile two-door model, the - albeit modest - advantages in terms of space and not bothered by the impractical swing doors at the rear still at the narrow additional gate on the passenger side. The Clubman surcharge of 1,600 euros can be offset by reluctance to use the engine.

Mini Clubman One D leaves little to be desired

The 90 hp version takes care of the One D of the 1.6-liter diesel about propulsion, and it does this so powerfully and quietly that the desire for more power rarely arises. In the price of 20,100 euros, only the air conditioning is actually missing (960 euros). Tip: If you only use the Mini Clubman as a two-seater and do without the back seat, you get it as a Clubvan with opaque side windows (reduced price 500 euros) - but not with this engine.


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