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Mercedes EQA (2021): This is where the next EQ model hums

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In contrast to the EQC, the E QA not on the EVA I platform but on the modular electrical architecture ( MEA) - internal EVA II - on. The lithium-ion battery is located between the axles in the vehicle floor, which gives the model a little more ground clearance and looks like a crossover. The batteries, which weigh up to 700 kilos, have a capacity of 60 kWh and can be scaled up to 110 kWh. The batteries are charged to 70 percent in 200 minutes in fast charging mode.

Video: EQA test in Immendingen

The range is around 400 kilometers. The EQA is also powered by a 150 kW electric motor in the basic version, but Daimler also offers additional output levels of 200 and 250 kW.

Study and series have little in common

Visually different the study on the production model is strong. The coupé-like roof course is not quite as dramatic in the production model. While the Vision EQA is drawn as a dynamic three-door model derived from the old A-Class, the prototype is clearly visible as a GLA electric version ( Here you can read everything about the new Mercedes GLA ) with four doors through the snow and the narrow side mirrors of the study give way to larger counterparts. The slot-shaped headlights protrude strongly into the fenders in the series, but not as far as the wheel arch and not as narrow. The strong beading on the bonnet should have disappeared on the production model, as well as the numerous LED light strips in the front and rear apron and on the sides. We won't see the continuous LED strip with an illuminated Mercedes star on the road in this form either. Instead, the EQA shows a conventional flap with narrow rear lights.

In the interior, the production model has the freestanding cockpit display familiar from the A-Class with EQ-specific information /displays on range, charge status and energy flows. The navigation is optimized for fast routes with short loading times. Also on board, the MBUX infotainment system.

While the price for the EQB starts at around 50,000 euros, the price tag on the EQA should not show more than 45,000 euros. By the way: Various media reports, the Mercedes EQA delay because of the corona pandemic, as there are difficulties with the battery cell Mercedes vehemently denies supply. The EQA is on schedule, said Mercedes to auto-motor-und-sport.de. As planned, production will start at the end of 2020, sales will start 'unchanged' in 2021.


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