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Mazda Takeri in the driving report: Mazda 6 in a smart little dress

Mazda Takeri in the driving report
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The debut of the new Mazda 6 planned for the end of the year shows an animal component: the Mazda Takeri study - 95 percent already in the dress of the new one Mid-size sedan - with its 'Soul of Motion' design is supposed to be reminiscent of a hunting leopard.

U nter this very handsome surface of the Mazda Takeri lies plus the new Mazda technology with which the Japanese plant wants to meet current and future environmental regulations. On the one hand, the technicians rely on the lightweight construction of the self-supporting steel body; on the other hand, they have developed a new generation of engines (Skyactiv).

150 PS diesel in the Mazda Takeri

In addition, there is its own six-speed automatic and a system called i-Eloop that some of the energy otherwise lost during braking is stored electrically in a capacitor pack. From there, all electrical consumers are briefly supplied, with the alternator decoupled and not consuming any engine power.

Manifolds, hollow pistons and a compression of 1:14 optimize the efficiency of the gasoline engine in the Mazda Takeri. The 2.2-liter Euro 6 diesel (150 hp) already used in the Mazda CX-5 SUV is also quite mildly compressed at 1:14 for a diesel engine, so it benefits from its low friction losses and should hardly exceed four liters /100 km.


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