Mazda 3 2.2 MZR-CD in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mazda 3 2.2 MZR-CD in the test
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S o a Mazda designer it's not easy either. Then he was given the task of refining the Mazda 3's already sporty look. Hooray, he thinks and starts scribbling - but then a little later he gets the call: 'Just change the bumpers.' The result can be seen here and yet again, because the visual changes are marginal. At the front, the side air inlets are now more distinctive and include fog lights as standard. And at the rear, the bumper loses its little tip.

The changes to the Mazda 3's chassis are more noticeable. Mazda promises that by optimizing the steering, dampers and cross struts, driving comfort and handling properties have improved. The latter worked out very well. The Japanese can be guided more precisely, nimble and briskly through winding curves of all kinds and looks surprisingly sporty.

Mazda 3 with little comfort but cultivated engine

Only the engineers have the aspect of driving comfort something lost out of sight. Whether over cross joints in the city or on the newly asphalted motorway towards Karlsruhe - the Mazda 3 rolls extremely dry, informs its occupants in detail about any road damage that can act as annoying vertical impacts or even as a displacement.

High suspension comfort feels different in each case. It's a shame, because the 2.2-liter common rail diesel installed in the test car is sufficiently powerful and extremely cultivated with 150 hp and 360 Newton meters of torque, and it deserves a more appealing chassis. The crisp six-speed gearbox, which with its short distances is reminiscent of the gearbox of the MX-5.

Plenty of equipment for Under 20,000 euros

After all: the new equipment line Edition (in addition to Prime, Center, Sports Line), with which the test car was equipped, is lavishly equipped. Automatic air conditioning, heated seats, hands-free system, rear parking beeper, cruise control, and even a heated windscreen are already standard (from 19,990 euros). Another new feature is a navigation system integrated in the cockpit with a 5.8-inch touchscreen based on Tom Tom, which can also provide its occupants with information from the Internet. At 720 euros, it remains well below the otherwise called prices.

The fine work on the body and equipment has thatSo Mazda done well. Only they didn't have to pull the landing gear so tight.


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