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Mazda 3 (2019): With all-wheel drive and compression ignition

Mazda 3 (2019)
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A The outside of the new Mazda 3 is polished smoothly in the style of the time, the Japanese forego distinctive character lines. Curved surfaces should reflect the surroundings in different ways and ensure a harmonious appearance. The Mazda 3 has thus remained very close to the Kai Concept study, which was shown for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017. The compact car will be available as both a five-door and a four-door sedan - both body variants differ significantly in design: the five-door looks youthfully lively, the sedan looks more elegant and refined.

Buttons have disappeared inside and the overview has moved forward has been improved by optimizing the A-pillar shape. For better visibility in the rain, the windshield wipers now work over a larger area, the wiper nozzles sit on the wipers and the wipers disappear under the bonnet when not in use. The wheelbase of 2.71 meters provides enough legroom at the front and rear. Mazda emphasizes that the depth adjustment range of the steering wheel has been increased by two to seven centimeters. The inclination adjustment of the driver's seat is now part of the standard scope and for the first time there is a dark red leather interior for the five-door model.

Tidy and ergonomics improved

The central screen for the infotainment is 8.8 inches.

For the sake of better ergonomics there is now an extended center armrest, a push-button knob and a shift lever or gear selector lever that has been shifted forward and upward. The fonts of the various displays including the optional head-up display have been standardized. The head-up display is no longer a cheap version with a plastic pane that flips upwards - the information relevant to the driving is projected directly onto the windshield. In addition, this now belongsfull display as standard. The central infotainment display is not too lush 8.8 inches. For even more safety, the new Mazda 3 is the first Japanese model to feature a driver's knee airbag as standard. Another new feature is that the side airbags are triggered in two stages. A redesigned bumper and a bonnet with an energy-absorbing internal structure are intended to improve pedestrian protection. The infotainment system now includes an instruction manual app. If a digital warning appears in the display, it is provided with an indication of the importance of the warning, and there is a link to the digital operating instructions, where the problem is explained and solutions are suggested.

To reduce the Noise levels, the Mazda 3 is the brand's first model to have a double-walled structure that leaves space between the body and the carpet. In addition, there is a new fiber material for the carpets, the reduction in openings in the vehicle floor and a roof lining that has been improved in terms of insulation properties. Mazda has also redeveloped the audio system: the bass speakers are now in the corners, the midrange and tweeters can be heard from the triangular windows and upper door areas. The standard system includes eight speakers, the Bose system, which is subject to a surcharge, comes with twelve speakers.

For the first time with all-wheel drive

The sedan looks more elegant and refined.

The new Mazda 3 should be stiffer than its predecessor. To achieve this, the proportion of high-strength steels in the body structure has been increased from three to 30 percent, and the front and rear are connected by additional struts. McPherson struts work at the front and a newly developed twist beam system takes over the wheel control at the rear. In addition, the Mazda 3 has all-wheel drive for the first time. This distributes the torque between the front and rear axles as required. The steering behavior is improved by ESP-controlled braking interventions on the wheels on the inside of the curve. Compared to the all-wheel drive systems of other Mazda models, the friction losses are said to have been reduced by an enormous 60 percent.

New assistants

One of the assistants that make driving safer and easier is one of theMazda 3 now a drowsiness and alertness warning. This irradiates the driver's face with infrared light via LEDs and simultaneously observes it with an infrared camera. In the background, a computer evaluates parameters such as the angle of the mouth and face, opening of the eyelids, frequency of blinking, direction of gaze and eye movements. If the system detects drowsiness, it warns the driver acoustically, and it can also initiate active braking intervention. In addition, there is now a cross traffic warning system for the front and an adaptive cruise control with lane keeping function. Even if the driver is distracted for too long, for example by looking at his smartphone, the system warns him.

With gasoline compression ignition for the first time

In the new Mazda 3, the wheelbase of 2.71 meters provides enough legroom at the front and rear.

With the Mazda 3, customers can choose between three engines: a Skyactive G gasoline engine with two liters of displacement and 122 hp (consumption: 5.2-5.1 l /100 km), a Skyactive -D diesel with 1.8 liter displacement and 116 hp (consumption 4.2-4.1 l /100 km) as well as the new Skyactive-X petrol engine with also two liters displacement and 180 hp and 224 Nm torque. The Skyactive-G engine has been thoroughly revised: a new shape of the inlet ducts and pistons, separate injection and a new coolant control valve are intended to increase efficiency. However, the gasoline engine with compression ignition, used for the first time in a production vehicle, is spectacular. The gasoline engine works largely like a diesel with compression ignition. Although this does not provide monstrous performance data, it should lead to significant savings in consumption - the thirst should be comparable to that of the diesel engine. Both petrol engines are linked to a 24-volt mild hybrid system as standard to further increase efficiency.

Market launch and price for the Mazda 3

The new Mazda 3 will be closed in Germany from March 2019 the version with the new Skyactive-X engine will be launched in June 2019. The 122 hp Mazda3 Skyactive-G 2.0 M-Hybrid with the manual six-speed gearbox costs from 22,990 euros. The diesel with 116 is available from 25,290 eurosPrice list. The hybrid model comes later. For a surcharge of 2,000 euros, customers can also order the six-speed automatic Skyactiv-Drive. The 180 hp gasoline engine with compression ignition is in the price list for at least 26,790 euros. The Fastback variant costs from 27,290 euros. The Skyactive X models will be delivered from September 2019.

At an entry-level price of 22,990 euros, the new Mazda 3 offers standard equipment, for example with full LED headlights, air conditioning, aluminum rims, a partially digital instrument unit and a head-up -Display with projection in the windshield, Mazda Connect with 8.8-inch screen including navigation, traffic sign recognition, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a DAB radio. In addition, a radar-based cruise control system including brake intervention and traffic jam assistance function (the latter only in conjunction with automatic transmission), a city emergency brake assistant with pedestrian detection, a lane change assistant and a parking aid for the rear are always on board.


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