Manhart S 400: RS 3 hunter with 405 hp

The S3 always drives a little in the shadow of the RS3. Manhart provides a remedy and brings the four-cylinder to five-cylinder performance level.

In the series production, the Audi S3 and the RS3 are separated by a displacement of 500 cubic centimetres, an additional cylinder and almost 100 hp. Tuner Manhart from Wuppertal turns the S3 into the S400 and at least equalizes the difference in terms of performance. ,

Four-cylinder with RS power

Even the best tuner finds it difficult to add a missing cylinder. However, the situation is quite different when there are deficits in power and torque. With a combination of a newly designed intake area, modified engine control software and an adapted sports exhaust, the two-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine in the Audi S3 soars to 405 hp and a maximum torque of 515 Nm. The basic engine comes up with 310 hp and 400 Nm. In terms of performance, the four-cylinder is only two hp behind the RS3, and in terms of torque it even trumps it by 15 Nm.

The stainless steel exhaust system with flap control manufactured by Remus not only increases performance and delivers the appropriate sound, it also sets visual accents with its two twin tailpipes with carbon coating. ,

The lowering springs, which are 30 millimeters shorter, contribute to the look and driving dynamics. Last but not least, they also support the harmonious alignment of the new rims in the wheel arches: the choice fell on Manhart Concave One with a satin black finish and the dimensions 8.5x19 inches. The mounted tires measure 235/35ZR19.

On request, the S 400 can also be wrapped in the typical Manhart decal set. It gives our photo model red stripes around the edge of the rim and additional red accent stripes on the front and rear. In addition, the gray paintwork of the sedan has matt black decorative stripes and lettering. ,


Anyone who loves five-cylinder power but can do without the heavy five-end in the bow will be served by Tuner Manhart. It brings the Audi S3 to RS3 level in terms of performance.


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