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Make a pickup from a Beetle: this is how the New Beetle finally becomes cool

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E s it happens again and again that manufacturers reflect on old successes and try to build on them. A phenomenon that is also known from today's rather uninspired pop music. Old melodies are warmed up, given loveless beats and taut faces in order to sniff chart air for a few days again. In the case of cars, this principle is called the “retro car”, but it sometimes works quite well. The Mini, the new Alpine A110, the BMW Z8 or the Fiat 500 would be proof of the success of this idea.

Manufacturer /ams
Not every retro car is a stroke of luck - the remake of the Dodge Challenger, on the other hand, can certainly be considered a success designate.

Cars like the Chrysler PT Cruiser or the VW New Beetle were less lucky. Volkswagen stopped production last year after only just over 15,000 units had recently rolled off the assembly line. No flower in the cockpit can help. What could help to increase the coolness factor, however, is a radical change. The US company Smyth Performance, which specializes in converting conventional cars into pickup trucks, offers a corresponding solution.

Inexpensive parts set

That sounds like one incredibly expensive project, but appearances are deceptive. The set, which includes all the necessary body parts, costs just $ 2,990. Despite this relatively low price, Smyth does not offer watering can sheet metal, but fiberglass, steel and aluminum. If you still fear that you will be crushed like an accordion in an accident, the conversion professionals promise high safety standards. The parts sets also contain reinforcements for the B-pillar. In any case, parts are only offered for cars thatDrive up from the factory with a sufficiently stable chassis. The rear crumple zone is also enlarged, as there is no more space for rear passengers after a conversion.

So if you have not yet been able to warm up to the conventional pickups on the German market, the Smyth- Kits maybe one for you. In addition to the New Beetle, the Subaru Impreza, the VW Golf, the Audi A4 /S4 or the Dodge Charger can also be converted. You can see what that looks like in our picture gallery.


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