Kelleners Sport KS1-RS in the test

Kelleners Sport KS1-RS tested
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D he fans of the BMW M Coupé became BMW Torn from your hands as greedily as chocolate ice cream in midsummer. Only 3,000 units were planned, twice as many were sold. If you want to get hold of the small steam hammer before the end of production in summer, you should hurry up. For everyone for whom the small number of items is not exclusive enough, Kelleners Sport offers a comprehensive tuning package.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupé becomes Kelleners Sport KS1-RS. Close the door and go - no, not so quickly. In addition to an optics kit with a carbon-look front splitter, a stainless steel grill insert and a carbon rear spoiler lip, the tuner from Merzig has also fine-tuned the interior of the power coupé. Wild contrasts are the order of the day. The black leather seats with Alcantara applications are now adorned with white decorative edges. In addition, the Kelleners team painted the molding on the instrument panel and the door handles in glossy white. While the zebra look is a matter of taste, the processing is convincing with series level. Nothing rattles or crackles in the KS1-RS either.

Extra power for in-line six-cylinder biturbo

But now, fire up and press the start button: The good guy comes hissing to life. The good thing is of course N54B30. Fans cheer on the occasion of the internal engine code, which still hides the in-line six-cylinder biturbo with two turbochargers and not the cheaper N55 with just one charger.

Even the thought of the first throttle makes the neighbors run angrily to the window . The export exhaust system hisses emotionally through four 83 mm tailpipes and not only roars louder than any alarm clock when starting cold.

Thanks to an extra portion of 80 hp, the sharpened E82 Coupé should now produce 420 hp. But the performance kit with reprogrammed engine management, larger charge air cooler and turbo downpipes as well as 200-cell metal catalytic converters didn't really work on the first try. During the first test run, the KS1-RS only set the acceleration values ​​of the press series vehicle. Who and whether someone cheated on the performance data from both parties should not be discussed here.

After an unplanned pit stop at Kelleners, the tuned coupé then made a second attempt. The power guy sprinted to 100 km /h 0.2 seconds and to 200 km /h 3.1 seconds faster than the production version BMW 1 SeriesM Coupé in the super test (0-100: 4.7 s, 0-200: 17.2 s).

The maximum torque increases from 450 to 590 Nm. The power delivery is similar to that in the production model. A worse response is not noticeable. On the autobahn, the driver can surf the massive torque shaft in sixth gear, even on low tours.

The Kelleners Sport KS1-RS waggles around the corners

Thanks to Vmax cancellation, it runs KS1-RS real 293 km /h. The traction control often reports with a flickering DSC lamp that you are about to hit one or the other bump. The fidgety straight line is reminiscent of the production model.
But who cares about straight ahead? The tuning version takes curves with more direct but more neutral feedback than the normal M Coupé. The tuning of the coilover kit tames the one-guy. Under load or when the load changes, there are no more unexpected sideways steps that require an experienced hand on the steering wheel in the series vehicle at the limit.

Hockenheim -Lap time 1.13.2 minutes

The KS1-RS now curves around the short course in Hockenheim with a slight understeer at the entrance to the curve, which can be converted into a finely adjustable power oversteer under load. With Michelin Cup tires, the tuned BMW 1 Series M wags around the course 0.9 s faster than its series counterpart.

Those who want nerve-tingling hip swings can use the coilover kit not only in height, but also in pull and Adjust pressure level. Big drawback: Both the powerfully voiced exhaust system and the performance increase as well as the front splitter do not have a TÜV certificate. With these modifications, the Kelleners KS1-RS is definitely unsuitable for Germany's roads.


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