Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class test

Rossen Gargolov
Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class in the test
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Ouch, when you got in, your knee hit the ventilation grille, which protrudes far into the doorway. Okay, we got it. A J aguar doesn’t just want to be boarded en passant, but with due attention. Maybe we were still too distracted by the dynamic design of the Jaguar XE when we took our seats in the car. So we sharpen our senses, settle in the deep, comfortable driver's seat behind the sloping windshield and let the interior have an impact on us.

Better all-round visibility in the Mercedes

First impression: old school meets high-tech, and the mix is ​​right. The flat, arched cockpit of the Jaguar XE runs gently into the doors, the dark center console with touchscreen and the cool automatic rotary knob creates an attractive contrast to the light leather with decorative stitching. Recessed grips, window regulator buttons and panels made of simple, different plastics do not fit into this stylish ambience, nor do the very dreary, difficult-to-read instruments.

In a direct comparison, the Mercedes C-Class appears more solid and as if it were made from one piece , underlines its premium claim with high quality materials and shiny chrome jewelry. It also offers a little more space in the rear and trunk as well as a better view to the rear because the rear window is not so sloping and low. The coupé-like line of the Jaguar XE demands It just takes its toll, although the most important dimensions of the two both outside and inside are amazingly close.

Also in terms of equipment and operation, they don’t give each other much, either here or there, the numerous functions are bundled in central control units. While Mercedes relies on a rotary control plus touchpad for Comand Online (3,511 euros), the 'InControl' called infotainment in the Jaguar XE (navigation surcharge 850 euros) is controlled via an 8-inch touch screen with easy-to-use menu navigation. You can even use it to program the air conditioning, locate the car, download apps and use it on the Internetsurfing.

Numerous extras in both sedans

Even with the assistance systems, the Jaguar XE has no weaknesses. In addition to a head-up display with laser technology, the driver can be supported by an adaptive distance control with blind spot and lane departure warning, an active parking aid with environment monitoring and traffic sign recognition, which is supplied with data from cameras in the windscreen, exterior mirrors and tailgate /p>

In addition, both can be individualized according to taste and budget with additional extras from ambient lighting to decorative panels in piano lacquer, various woods or polished aluminum. Keyword aluminum: The complex chassis of the Jaguar XE is made from it, as is the aerodynamic (cw 0.26), stiff and light body.

All in all, the C-Class weighs a little less, but it conveys a subliminal impression always the feeling of a 'heavy car'. Even with the basic steel suspension, she masters tricky curve combinations not only comfortably, but also extremely precisely, calmly and balanced. The electromechanical steering helps the driver with excellent feedback and stoic calm to position the car on the ideal line.

Jaguar XE offers a lot of comfort

Curtain up, flourish, appearance Jaguar XE. The first time you turn in, you will be delighted, surprised by his spontaneity and light-footedness. The optional adaptive chassis (1,100 euros) offers various modes from eco to dynamic, but always lively handling. In insidiously narrowing curves, however, he sometimes seems to be frightened by his own courage, pushes a little indignantly over the front wheels, only to be slowed down again by the cleverly regulating ESP.

And the comfort? It is very pleasant how gently and inconspicuously the Jaguar XE puts away both transverse joints and long bumps, sparing the occupants from annoying rolling and winger noises. Even the charged two-liter gasoline engine with 240 hp holds back acoustically, looks quiet and almost banal on the inside, but on the outside thanks to sound tuning it is sporty and sonorous. In line with this, things are moving quickly, while the standard eight-speed automatic shifts into the next gear speed quickly and barely noticeably.

Jaguar XE lures with attractive prices

The Mercedes converter transmission, on the other hand, sometimes changes something hesitant and jerky between the seven gears, and also the four-cylinder turbo of the same size - in the comparable C 250 with less power, but more torque - does not exactly impress with bite and sound. Rather with good running smoothness and a contemporary low consumption, because compared to the 7.5 liters of the Jaguar XE, the Mercedes approves at least 2.2 liters less per 100 kilometers in the standard cycle. The completely new, very cultivated and economical Ingenium diesel should be the better choice for many XE customers.

Regardless of the engine, the Brit attracts with attractive prices, low leasing and maintenance costs and a three-year guarantee with free inspections, which are intended to underline the high quality level of the sedan. In the near future, variants with all-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive will also be on the program, and a station wagon version could also make the Jaguar XE interesting for families.

So pretty practical and sensible, this Jaguar XE, even on in many areas Eye level with the competition, but at the same time pleasingly different and unmistakable. So it's all the better that the drivers no longer have to bump into high costs and small quirks - at most the protruding ventilation grille.


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