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Honda Integra: comeback, but only in China

Derived from the new Civic sedan, Honda is launching a new Integra in China, but also offers the Civic sedan there. We explain why.

From 1985 to 2005, Honda had a sporty compact sedan in its range with the Integra, which culminated in the almost 200 hp Type R. After four model generations it was over. 2022 will probably be the year of the Integra resurrection. In the US, the Honda Nobel subsidiary has announced the Acura Integra . Honda has now introduced the Honda Integra in China.

Everything somehow Civic

Both new Integra are based on the technology of the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic . But here we are looking at the China-Integra and first have to clarify the market conditions. If you want to build cars in China, you need a Chinese partner. Honda has several. Together with Dongfeng, the Japanese are building the Civic as a sedan in China for China. But Honda also has a partnership with GAC. And it is precisely from this alliance that the Honda Integra is now being created - also as a sedan based on the new Civic. And the Civic sedan is actually a four-door sedan with a real boot lid.,

To distinguish the Integra from the Civic, it comes with an adapted design. While the face of the Chinese Civic sedan is virtually unchanged from the model intended for Europe, the Integra can be sportier.

The redesigned front shows slightly modified headlights, the upper grille extends to the front edge of the body and has a honeycomb structure instead of slats. The air intake in the apron loses height, but the side brake air ducts are sharper. In addition, the fog lights positioned there on the Civic are no longer used.

The rear view of the Integra sedan shows newly designed lights with an L-shape, a smaller spoiler lip on the trunk lid and a new diffuser in the rear apron. The reflectors move from the horizontal to a vertical position next to the two exhaust tailpipes on the outside. GAC Honda has not yet published any pictures of the interior. Here, however, the Integra should correspond entirely to the Civic.

Unlike the Civic, GAC Honda also offers the Integra in a more colorful way. The colors Emerald Blue and Fiery Yellow make the Integra appear brighter.

Turbo engine with 180 hp

GAC-Honda has not yet provided any information on the drives. However, the 240 Turbo nameplate on the trunk lid corresponds exactly to that of the Civic. The Integra should also compete with the 180 hp and 240 Nm strong 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine from the Civic. For the Integra, however, a manual six-speed gearbox is considered set. The Civic transfers its power to the front wheels via a CVT transmission.

Oh yes, the Acura Integra for the USA again comes with a completely independent design that has nothing to do with the China model.,


In China, the Integra returns as a compact sedan. It is the sister model to the Civic sedan, which is also available in China. Both are based on the new Civic. The announced US Integra is again a story of its own.


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