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Genesis Mint Concept: city e-car meets driving pleasure

Genesis Mint Concept
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D as purely electric concept car is less of a technology carrier, but rather shows how the brand's design will develop in the future. 'The Mint Concept is a new urban icon that combines classic proportions with pioneering, minimalist design,' said Hyundais chief designer Luc Donckerwolke. For the styling, the native Belgian brought together the Group's design locations in Germany, the USA and South Korea.

Compact and strong optics

A huge glass roof lets a lot of light into the interior.

With short overhangs at the front and back, the short mint looks great present and aggressive. At the front there are only slit-shaped headlights and an apparently closed grill that only channels cooling air to the battery through narrow openings. In the exhibited wheelhouses, narrow tires rotate on low-profile aluminum linings. Only a few beads on the side give the city car its dynamism. However, the expressive rear is an eye-catcher. While the roof slopes gently towards the end of the mint and, thanks to the surrounding ribbon of windows, seems to almost float, styling elements from the front are used at the rear, such as the X-shaped lights and the shape of the grill in the apron p> In the lower area of ​​the body there are also x-shaped struts. Genesis calls the G-Matrix, which not only serve an optical, but also a functional purpose. They ensure efficient cooling and air circulation around the bottom of the battery and are the basis for the aerodynamic wheel design of the Mint Concept.

Reduced interior

When the Mint opens, the two passengers take in a continuous and floating bench seat. The G-Matrik design is also found on the vehicle floor, the dashboard and the three (!) Pedals. The driver engages inan almost rectangular steering wheel with three struts that hold a central screen in the middle. Six round copper-framed screens next to the steering wheel are used as quick access for the most important controls such as navigation, telephony or the menu. Entry and exit are made easier by the automatic swiveling of the instrument panel and the bench. The center console with the automatic selector lever can be folded up and integrated into the seat.

Instead of a conventional trunk with a tailgate, the Mint Concept has a spacious luggage rack behind the seats. Access to this compartment is via scissor-like side openings.

The two-seater can be charged via a central charging socket at the rear with 350 kW fast charging; its battery, which is not specified in more detail, is housed in the underbody. The range of the two-seater gives Genesis 320 kilometers.


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