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Gassner-Mitsubishi Evo hg500r in the test

Rossen Gargolov
Gassner-Mitsubishi Evo hg500r in the test
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Wap, wap, wap, wap, wap - the noise sounds like a rally car seconds before the start Special test. 8,100 tours, full throttle - the speed needle flutters in the limiter. But we are not at the start of a rally, but on the s port auto measurement route. Everywhere just 'wap, wap, wap, wap', then. the clutch flies. Body, instrument panel, everything groans under the strain like a wooden hut in a hurricane.

Manage 555 HP by hand

Exedy's reinforced two-disc clutch survives the knockout punch while the pilot travels through the gears of the crisp five-speed gearbox. 555 PS punch 100 km /h on the measuring device in just 3.7 seconds without noticeable slip. Three point seven, manual gearshift - welcome to the hg500r aka Über-Mitsubishi Evo X from Gassner Motorsport.

Thank you for allowing us to experience this again in the automated world of dual clutch transmissions and automatic torque converters. But before we sing a song of praise on the good old handset, we take a deep breath. All drive shafts survived the full throttle shock.

Time to tell the story all over again. And that begins in a workshop in the Upper Bavarian community of 9,000 people in Ainring. There are rally photos, trophies and spare parts everywhere - audience with the German Evo god and multiple German rally champion Hermann Gassner.

Mitsubishi Evo with 555 instead of 295 hp

In addition to the body and service from rally evos, Gassner and his team are continuing the official parts sales of the Mitsubishi customer sports department Ralliart, which was closed in 2005, and also tuning road cars.

Down from the yard, through the roundabout, out onto the next dirt road. Gassner sits relaxed in his fleece shirt in the bucket seat of his Group N rally car with sponsor stickers and accompanies the snow-white Tuning Evo on a photo ride. Elsewhere, such an action on public roads would have caused a hundred uniformed men behind the hedges. Photos in the box, lunch break for Hermann Gassner, we turn towards the autobahn. Hockenheim calls, still 467.9 kilometers.

Mute passengers on the back seat and in the trunk are brand new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R-Semislicks. 'Otherwise they'll be down to Hockenheim with the fall,' Gassner described the precautionary measure. Thanks to the adjustable Tein SuperRacing coilover kit, the four-wheel drive crouches 40 mm lower over the asphalt. Despite the tight coordination, the suspension comfort is just about suitable for everyday use.

On the other hand, you can safely delete the word straight-ahead from your vocabulary. Thanks to the axle geometry, which has been optimized from a driving dynamics perspective (front camber: 2 ° 40 ', rear: 2 ° 00'; front track: 0 ° 03 ', rear: 0 ° 06'), the Brachial Evo sucks itself into every groove. Suddenly a police VW bus appears in front of us. “Please follow” lights up. The pulse is kept within limits, as all conversions worth a Golf GTI have a TÜV registration. We also met the most car-loving officials in the republic: 'Open the hood and let us hear something.' Then two civil servants listen with wide eyes.

Let's hear something

Yes, instead of 295 it really has 555 hp. How does it work? Changed intake, larger injection nozzles, a second fuel pump, new forged pistons and forged connecting rods, different camshafts, a modified series turbocharger, a larger intercooler and 1.9 bar maximum boost pressure instead of 1.2 bar in series. 'Have fun then,' say the police officers goodbye after taking a souvenir photo. Thank you, we will have. Or isn't it?

“Bing” - the engine light in the instrument cluster lights up. A quick call to the Gassner workshop, but nothing to worry about. 'It would be rather weird if nothing lit up on a properly tuned Evo,' is the answer. So keep stepping on the pedal to the floor pan. The speedometer needle trembles up to almost 300. While there is a slight turbo lag below 3,500 rpm, the Gassner Evo turns an incredible 8,100 tours under full load. Incidentally, the wing bomber does not like to wobble - at half throttle a slight jerking occurs in the middle speed range.

Faster than Ferrari 458 Italia

No matter how much load there is - against the binge of the Evo Oktoberfest goers orphans. Around 20 liters gush out of the tank over 100 kilometers, while the hg500r soot from the 130 stovepipes of the HJS complete system with metal catalyst like a coal-fired power station. “You have to set it so fat, otherwise it will burn out”, Hermann Gassner had previously said.

But you can also crack the 30 liter mark without any problems, as for example on the small course in Hockenheim. Here the hg500r carves around the course with Bestal all-wheel traction and flies over even the highest curbs as if they were made of cotton wool. In view of the extreme driving stability, you are almost inclined to take a short cut across the meadow in the Sachskurve.

The suspension setup with a slight understeer understeer and understeer under load is still a bit conservative. What would be suitable for the Nordschleife could use a bit more agility tabasco at Hockenheim. The hg500r reacts to load changesunagitated. Only when the load changes are extremely provoked does the rear turn in slightly. A little less toe-in at the rear could improve agility in tight corners.

But we're already complaining at a very, very high level. With a lap time of 1:10.4 minutes on the Hockenheimring, the Gassner-Evo beats top athletes like the Mercedes SLS AMG (1:10.8 min), the Ferrari 458 Italia (1:10.5 min) or the supertest candidate Audi R8 V10 plus ( 1.10.6 min). Chapeau Gassner! An insane achievement, or as one would say in Ainring in a nutshell: Respect!


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