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Ford Focus Tournament (2018): First drive in a compact station wagon

Ford Focus Tournament (2018)
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M ith the new Focus Ford has big plans - and not promised too much, as the victory in the sedan's first group test shows. But especially in the German market, the station wagon plays a far more important role with a 75 percent share of new registrations, nowhere else in Europe do Focus buyers attend the tournament so often. It should stay that way in the future, because the new tournament is growing strongly. It not only offers more interior and luggage space, but also a number of practical detailed solutions that the predecessor did not have, but have long been a good thing for station wagons in this class. The station wagon itself reacts calmly to brittle asphalt surfaces as a tight ST-Line. An adaptive damper control as for the sedan is not available for the tournament. On the other hand, trailer drivers - the Focus can pull up to 1,800 kg - can only comfort themselves with the station wagon with a swiveling instead of detachable trailer coupling.

The prices for the large-capacity Focus start at 19,900 euros, which is 1,200 euros more than for the sedan. Next year, the Focus tournament will also follow as an Active in an SUV look with increased ground clearance. Whether it will come back as a sporty ST is still open. Safe, on the other hand: There will no longer be a purely electrically powered Focus, but one with an optional mild hybrid drive. However, this is only planned for 2020.


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