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Ford Focus ST in the driving report: Sport with diesel and gasoline

Ford Focus ST in the driving report
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About the question: Do you need 250 HP in a compact car? there is no arguing, because there is only one answer: No, you don't need to. But having them can be fun as hell. Like in the now revised Ford Focus ST.

Ford Focus ST now as 400 Nm diesel

But because the question of reason is being asked more and more often, there is the Ford Focus ST from now on also as diesel. Then it still makes 185 hp, but offers even more torque than the gasoline engine. The latter ultimately ensures the extremely pleasant feeling of superiority - for example when overtaking. The Diesel-ST starts powerful even at low engine speeds and in sixth gear lifts itself from 80 to 120 km /h in 9.7 seconds. In the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km /h, the Cologne-based diesel athlete has to depend on the Golf GTD let: 8.1 seconds are given by Ford, 7.5 seconds is the VW announcement.

Between 2,000 and 2,750 rpm, thanks to ample turbo pressure at full throttle, there is always 400 Nm, above which the perceived propulsion subsides again . That is why it hardly makes sense to rev up the Ford Focus ST - so you shift up early and surf the torque wave. This is the strength and weakness of the engine at the same time: it starts early, but then noticeably subsides. The two-liter engine turns unwillingly above 4,000 rpm.

In terms of low fuel consumption, this interpretation is just right - Ford states an average consumption of 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers - but the characteristics are not really right to fit a sports model. So the TDCI doesn't really feel like a Ford Focus ST, but just like a powerful diesel. The sporting spirit, which calls for a higher revving engine, feels unsatisfied. The desire for speed seems human: Those who do sport usually breathe faster.

Ford Focus ST petrol engine now with Euro 6 and start-stop

So let's get into that Petrol version of the Ford Focus ST. As before, the two-liter turbo four-cylinder has an output of 250 hp, but is now classified according to Euro 6. Ford states a six percent reduction in fuel consumption (now, according to the standard, an average of 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers), which should primarily result from the start-stop system that is now standard.

For the Ford Focus -ST fans among us, much more important: the gurgling suction noise has remained. You still think you can hear a hint of the old five-cylinder at full throttle, itsOut-of-round running was so striking - sound engineering makes it possible. And things are still going really well, including the lack of turning ability with diesel.

More has changed with the chassis of the Ford Focus ST: stiffer springs and new shock absorber valves should be combined with harder bearings on the rear axle Sharpen agility further, which could only be guessed at on the first trip around Barcelona. The same applies to the lower influences promised for the steering when accelerating. The petrol ST seems to be quite the old one - we already liked it very much.

Prices of the Ford Focus ST on VW -Niveau

Whoever wants it: The new Ford Focus will not be available at dealers until autumn. As a gasoline engine, the new Ford Focus ST costs at least 28,850 euros. By the way: A Golf GTI (230 PS as a performance variant) costs 29,825 euros. The diesel version of the Focus ST starts at 29,650 euros, a Golf GTD is only 50 euros more expensive. For the tournament combi versions, which are also offered, Ford charges an extra 950 euros each. Cologne beats Wolfsburg more clearly: Neither GTD nor GTI are available as Variants from VW.


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