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FighteR and GTI Aurora: VW trainees build Wörthersee-Gölfe

FighteR and GTI Aurora
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S Fast, loud, spectacular and digital - that was the approach for the Azui project cars for the 2019 VW Golf GTI meeting at Wörthersee. The result is the Golf Variant FighteR and Golf GTI Aurora models.

The VW Golf GTI Aurora is equipped with the latest technology. Additional displays in the center console show the driver engine and vehicle data that are particularly useful on race tracks. The front passenger can see everything at the same time on a tablet PC, which can also be used to control the 3,500 watt sound system.

Audio player as a hologram

The VW Golf GTI Aurora is powered from a two-liter, four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that has been upgraded to 380 hp and is coupled to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The unique GTI is painted in the colors nardo gray and deep black, pearl effect (in the rear area), as well as the unique accent color mint green. The body kit with rear diffuser and all decorative elements were painted by hand.

Could go into series production soon. A hologram as a 3D control element.

And another highlight is waiting in the trunk: a holographic module connects the virtual with the real world and shows, among other things, a floating control element for the sound system. Neither 3D glasses nor sensor gloves are required for operation. The module creates a floating image using software algorithms and visual technology modules. The system automatically recognizes the operating requests and implements them - this creates intuitive and natural operation. You press the start, stop and pause buttons floating freely in the room, select an album from flying, animated playlists in the form of a cube at the touch of a finger, or change the volume using a volume control projected into the air. According to VW, it is with available technology modulesfeasible, but it will take some time before it can be used in a production vehicle.

All-wheel drive station wagon becomes safety car

The second show car is the FighteR based on a VW Golf Variant R 4Motion. The all-wheel drive station wagon is powered by a two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that has been boosted to 400 hp. Here too, a seven-speed DSG distributes the drive torque. The thick fender cheeks at the front and rear make the FighteR an eye-catcher. A full six centimeters were applied to both axles.

Because the FighteR is to be used as a safety car at racing events at the Sachsenring after the Wörthersee event, the station wagon has a roof light signal system and front flashers in the radiator grille. The unique specimen has a gloss finish in the basic color crystal silver and nardo gray, design colors are misano red and piano black.

The eye-catcher is a 360-degree camera that is installed on the roof of the FighteR. It was used to record a fast lap on the Sachsenring in advance, which can be viewed in the vehicle during the GTI meeting at Wörthersee - with integrated VR glasses. The interior of the FighteR was completely lined up to the trunk with Alcantara with red stitching. Alcantara can also be found on the seats and in the door panels. An acoustic highlight is a sound system specially made for this unique piece.


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