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Endurance test Mini John Cooper Works Clubman: interim balance

Jürgen Gebhardt
Endurance test Mini John Cooper Works Clubman
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minus 22 degrees Celsius. The latest candidate in the s port auto endurance test passed the first endurance test in the Swiss Alps with flying colors. A slight push on the start button of the Mini John Cooper Works Clubman - and the four-cylinder turbo engine with 211 hp hums to itself, even at the lowest temperatures.

Sporty small car and packhorse in one

The little one with the extra trunk (plus 250 liters of luggage space when the seats are folded down compared to the sedan) should go from zero to 100 in 6.8 seconds Sprint km /h. An electronic lock should provide traction. Above all, the direct steering behavior makes the JCW station wagon a popular editorial guest. However, the high test car price of 36,700 euros gives reason to ponder.

The same applies to consumption, because after all, the Mini John Cooper Works Clubman sips a lot of high octane at a brisk pace. “I think I'm in love”, flowed into the logbook from the pen of sport auto employee Markus Stier. Not only our rally experts, but the entire editorial team have grown fond of the lively racing gnome with 211 hp. No wonder, with the in-line four-cylinder turbo, the Mini starts with a lot of steam with an extra portion of trunk. There is praise for the direct steering as well as for the good directional stability thanks to the longer wheelbase than the normal JCW.

Two unscheduled pit stops for the Mini Clubman JCW

But the Mini does not always take it seriously when it comes to loyalty. Shortly after the endurance test start, the engine light burned at 8,490 kilometers - the cult racer jerked around with misfires and incorrect throttle response. A change of the spark plugs and the ignition coils brought the friendly pickup truck back on the right track. A little later he announced out loud that the little athlete liked being looked after by sport auto hands. Above 200 km /h, the JCW whistled louder than any tea kettle. The epicenter of the penetrating wind noise was the upper windshield seal. Another, unscheduled pit stop, during which the window seal was re-glued, eliminated the problem. In addition, the front grille in the bumper came off as if by magic, probably due to vibrations.

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Your opinion is needed

How good is the Mini JCW Clubman? We are interested in your experience with the model. How suitable is your vehicle for everyday use? What did you notice when driving in a sporty manner? How high is the consumption? Did you have to take your car to the workshop on an unscheduled basis?

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