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W If you are interested in a sporty compact car, sooner or later in the course of research you will inevitably stumble upon the Golf GTI. The question that remains, however, is whether he should also buy it - because the Polo is now a not so small small car and as a GTI version with its 200 hp is not far from its big brother in terms of performance. Is that enough? We get to the bottom of this question in detail in the video below in the article.

The format

Are Golf and Polo as GTI really so similar that they threaten to merge? or there may be significant differences.

Let us first explain quickly what you can expect here. In our “Either OR” format, the two editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau always compare two vehicles from the same manufacturer. We do not collect any measurement data here, or test according to the classic auto motor und sport scheme. This is about buying advice and finding out which of the two models is right for you. We take a look at the configurator, check the interior, the exterior and the trunk. In addition, there are of course impressions from driving in terms of clarity, comfort, sportiness, assistance systems, and so on. Depending on which criteria can be applied to the respective vehicles.

Hand control or DSG?

To make the initial situation clear, let's take a look at the prices of our test cars. The Golf GTI Performance costs a whopping 44,000 euros (it would start at 34,895 euros), while the Polo “only” costs around 31,500 euros (basis: 23,350 euros). In the Golf there are options that cost around 10,000 euros, including the big oneNavi infotainment system Discover Pro (1,430 euros) represents the largest item. The fact that a DAB radio still costs extra today - and no, we never tire of emphasizing this - is still outrageous. In this case a 245 euro expensive. In terms of driving dynamics, the adaptive chassis control DCC, the 18-inch wheels and the absence of a DSG should also be mentioned. Why? Because two things definitely belong in a Golf GTI: the check pattern on the seats and a gear lever with a golf ball knob.

The 19 centimeter shorter Polo is less traditional than its big brother and goes with it Six-speed dual clutch transmission before - be forgiven him, because the manual version is currently not on the market. Instead, he is satisfied with the smaller Radio Composite Media and the most expensive extra is the LED headlights with a surcharge of 985 euros. He imitates the 18-inch wheels on the Golf, while the Sport Select chassis lowers the 200 hp small car for 290 euros by 15 millimeters. And what is there about the driving experience? The Polo is the class clown in the GTI school. A bully. Louder than the Golf and more immediate. Everything on the car swings noticeably, where such a Golf allows a maximum of an underground roar.

'Right in the middle instead of just being there', is what polo says. The Golf is a little more relaxed.

The Polo also gives rowdy when it starts out on a wet road. He shakes himself and screams for traction, but comes much worse from the spot from the Golf. However, it also has a locking differential on the front axle, the Polo only has an E-Diff. On the other hand, the exhaust system on the Polo sometimes crackles to underline the whole spectacle. Anyone who likes to be involved in the action will find a dialogue partner in the Polo GTI. For those who use their car on long journeys or who want to maneuver relaxed through the commuter chaos, the Golf is more tolerable. You can find out which other aspects distinguish or combine the two red speedsters in the complete video right here.


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