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Comment: Renault improves E-Mégane charging option

There you go, it works: After criticism from the media and customers, Renault is offering the new E-Mégane with a small battery with an optional quick charging function.

There are few cars I was so excited about as I am about the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric . The lines (finally no SUV) and the new design convinced me on the first official pictures. Then the first look at the real car at the IAA in Munich. direct hit. The cockpit also makes you want to see the first car from Renault boss Luca de Meo's "Renaulution" strategy.

When the configurator for the electric Mégane went online in October 2021, the first big disappointment. And that had very little to do with the not badly done configuration process. But a lot with the fact that many classic car manufacturers are still trying to electrify their classic business model 1:1. The Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric was in the books with the small 40 kWh battery without a fast charging function (DC) and only with a single-phase AC charger (7 kW). It didn't matter which equipment line the customer chose (Equilibre, Techno, Iconic). You could still order the three-phase AC charger (11 kW), but to be on the safe side, the fast charging function was not even available for an additional charge for the 40 kWh Mégane. The 60 kWh battery was needed for this.

The explanations came in the best marketing language and said that a customer who orders the Mégane with a small battery tends not to want to drive long distances, would probably charge at home overnight and would therefore have no problem with the single-phase system. When asked by auto-motor-und-sport.de, it said: "The 40 kWh battery is designed for urban use and the public charging stations installed there and is quickly recharged with up to 22 kW, even in AC charging. ... Nevertheless we are working together with our colleagues in France on a solution to also install a charging option for direct current for the 40 kWh battery."

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It's now clear: That wasn't an empty promise. In the most recent information email from the French it says: "After another internal check, Renault has decided to offer an optionally selectable fast charging function for the new Renault Mégane E-Tech for the small 40 kWh battery. This option is currently being added to the configurator !" The updated charging setup for the Mégane with a small battery now looks like this: 40kWh battery 130 hp (7 kW AC charger standard, 22 kW AC charger optional). 40 kWh battery 220 hp (7 kW AC charger series, 22 kW AC charger optional, 130 kW DC charger optional). This means that if you choose the smallest possible configuration (40 kWh and 130 PS), you still cannot fast charge.But: The combination of a small battery and a more powerful electric motor (220 hp) now works.

What remains is the bad habit of leaving out relevant e-car skills. At practically all car manufacturers who are currently changing their portfolio. Because it makes it difficult for electric beginners in particular to drive long distances. This target group in particular should quickly receive confirmation that they have made the right decision and have not taken any compromises home with the quick charging option and the simplest plug-and-charge payment function . That would shape the transformation. And pretty much accelerate. Anyone who has something like that in mind builds cars like Elon Musk. And earn less from the hardware but more from the software.

The rest drives their customers crazy and sends them off the yard with cars that are little more than a bad compromise. And I don't even want to think about what happens to an amputee electric car if it is resold. A 40 kWh car without a fast charging function and a single-phase AC charger? Almost not for sale as a used one. bets?

The good news: Renault shows that it's never too late to rethink decisions. The quick charge option for the 220 hp small battery Mégane sends the right signal. Perhaps the French can also bring themselves to enable the DC option for the basic electric motor as well.

Would you consider an electric car without a fast charging function? Write to me. You can reach me at jknecht@motorpresse.de


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