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Brief review of the Abt-VW Beetle 2.0 TSI: Now it's going well

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Short test Abt-VW Beetle 2.0 TSI
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D as efforts by VW to get out of the Beetle Shaping a serious car was big, but it wasn't until Abt's modifications that it lost all cuteness. Lowered by 30 (front axle) and 35 millimeters (rear) and ruffled up with 21-inch wheels, it would not have needed the sloping headlight covers to gain respect on the road. This is ensured by the turbo engine, which has been upgraded from 200 to 240 hp by means of an additional control unit.

The Abt Beetle runs faster

The two-liter engine swings to the torque plateau of 340 Nm ( Series: 280 Nm) and turns flaky up to over 6000 rpm before the standard dual clutch transmission snaps into the next gear. Despite the new rear silencer, the Beetle four-cylinder hardly sounds any different from the base, which - artificially roughened - tries to awaken memories of the old boxer engines. Much more important: the significantly better driving performance. Compared to the standard Beetle, the Abt variant accelerates half a second faster from zero to 100 km /h and, thanks to the chassis modifications, it rages through corners with a significantly more neutral and agile manner - seriously.


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