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BMW 3 Series Plug-in-Hybrid Driving Report: That's how fast it drives with electricity

BMW 3 Series Plug-in-Hybrid in the driving report
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A even if he still calls himself a prototype , the 245 hp BMW 3 Series with plug-in hybrid not only looks close to series production, it will hit the market in early 2016. Does the competition have to shiver?

They are still holding him behind barriers on the huge test site in Miramas in the south of France, the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid. It's a shame, because this likable guy could actually take to the streets by now. It still operates as a prototype, BMW obscures the facts with 'about' and 'around', but we already had a lot of near-series fun with the four-door hybrid sedan.

BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid as strong as 328i

With its 245 hp system output, the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid is in direct competition with the 328i, which uses only the two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine. That one is 180 hp, with 320 Newton meters of torque under the hood of the hybrid, only that a 95 hp electric motor assists it. It is based on the units known from the i3 and i8, as well as the associated power electronics.

Unlike the i8 sports car with a three-cylinder petrol engine plus electric motor, the power of the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid is only effective on the rear wheels. It gets there via the well-known eight-speed automatic converter from ZF, in which, however, the disc-shaped electric motor, which is also cooled by the transmission oil, replaces the converter. This keeps the technical effort manageable and works perfectly, both drives complement each other perfectly, the gear changes are gentle and appropriate to the situation.

BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid with lots of torque

No wonder, after all, the electric motor with 250 Newton meters offers massive torque from a standing start, as the system performance of the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid, the Munich-based company promises over 400 Newton meters - as much as a 335i. Very realistic, given the gentle but sustained pressure the 3 Series offers. And this according to the driver's wishes, because, as is usual with BMW, he can influence the driving character via the so-called driving experience switch. In sport, both engines work hard, the four-cylinder turns happily, clings to the gas, the e-machine looks forward to being boosted. In Comfort it is a little gentler, in Eco Pro it is economical from the sailing function to the savings dictation for consumers such as air conditioning and seat heating.

Even the navigation system helpsSave

If you want to drive the BMW 3 Series Plug-in Hybrid purely electrically at the end of your tour, you can save the battery content using the save mode. Otherwise, the tailor-made lithium-ion battery, which stores 5.5 kWh net, is sufficient for around 35 kilometers or 120 km /h fast, locally emission-free driving. The electricity for this comes from the socket (230 volt Schuko) or from recuperation.

Good news for long-distance drivers: in addition to the total range of over 600 kilometers, the BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid offers full handling and comfort talent. The trunk volume is also almost completely retained due to the cleanly integrated battery, as are the foldable rear seat backrests. The intelligent navigation supports efficient route planning on the go. Not only does it know the route profile, it also receives constantly updated traffic data (RTTI) online and can therefore use the energy (petrol and electricity) perfectly. Traffic reports were irrelevant on our trip to Miramas.


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