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BMW 228i Cabrio in the driving report: summer resort with 245 hp

BMW 228i Cabrio in the driving report
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E these are turbulent months for BMW at the moment: The personnel carousel is turning like wild, new bodies, concepts and body concepts are constantly being worked around in the model series, and above, above everything, the front-wheel drive's Damocles sword dangles and is just waiting for the next one to scour the cardan shaft. No final judgment has yet been made, says the newly appointed Chief Development Officer Klaus Fröhlich. Unofficially, however, it has long been clear that at least the 1 Series will be caught when the model changes.

Finally a BMW in the style of the house

Anyway. Amid all the speculation, someone like the BMW 2 Series Convertible is doing really well again. Because with the exception of its numerical promotion, it is one of the less and less traditional BMWs. Rear-wheel driven, covered with fabric and - at least in the top version - still six-cylinder in-line.

The open compact has remained true to itself, it is not quite the old one. In contrast to its competitor Audi, who only found stylistic elegance and thus success with the A3 convertible with the current generation, BMW already met the taste of customers with the open 1 Series. Nevertheless, this time there was still a lot to do - in every respect as well. The 2 Series grew by over seven or almost three centimeters in length and width, by around 30 liters in the maximum volume of its trunk, and by 3.5 centimeters in the width of the loading opening, which is significant because there are now two golf bags in the rear get stuck.

BMW 2 Series Convertible with noticeably improved body rigidity

However, its true size is what it reveals when driving. The 1 Series was definitely not a bad convertible, on the contrary, the BMW 2 Series Convertible is actually that one number better that suggests this type designation. Two things stand out in particular - particularly positive. First: the much more densely insulated fabric hood, which now regulates the relatively obvious howling wind from yore to an underground murmur. And secondly, the rigidity of the body has been improved by 20 percent. Instead of shuddering to its foundations on harmless faults like its predecessor, the 2 Series now irones almost unmoved even over ailing slopes thanks to an increased proportion of high-strength body steel. Together with the sparkling clean oneAdjusting the adaptive chassis results in a wonderfully velvety open-top driving feeling, with which the 245 hp four-cylinder turbo of the 228i in particular harmonizes perfectly.

It may well be that it lacks the charisma of its in-line six-cylinder predecessor in the 125i as well as the grater voice when cranking it up. Viewed soberly, it is superior to the old three-liter in all respects. He pulls more motivated from the lower speed, arches his maximum torque faster, higher and further into the power development, and does not bend too much at the top. Ultimately, however, it is the transmission that determines its temperament. The fine eight-speed automatic achieves the marginally better sprints with its lightning-fast and gentle gear changes, but in the D program it reaches you through to the two overdrive gears seven and eight in such a hurry that the engine only gets out of the way again and again when spurting in between Keller has to get it. The sport modes, on the other hand, exaggerate the speed level, so that as - let's say, a more active driver - you can think about the manual switch again.

But the BMW 228i convertible, which weighs 1,535 kilos, does not make a real athlete either . So this role is probably reserved for the 326 hp, consistently sharper M-Performance model M235i, which is just as innovative for the compact BMW as the basic three-cylinder and the all-wheel drive, which will be offered as an option in the future for certain engines. The prices also seem a bit unusual: they are not only slightly above the A3 Cabrio, but also on average around 2,000 euros above the 1 Series. It starts at 32,200 euros for the 136 hp 218i - after all, including an electric hood, rain sensor, automatic air conditioning, radio, iDrive control and central flat screen with special glare protection for the not entirely unlikely event of direct sunlight.


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