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B & amp; B Automobiltechnik: VW Golf GTI TCR receives up to 450 hp

B&B Automobiltechnik
VW tuning from B&B Automobiltechnik
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2 90 HP, maximum 370 Newton meters, optional 260 km /h top speed, 5.6 seconds from zero to 100 km /h and 20.8 seconds from zero to 200 km /h: There are certainly slower compact cars than the VW Golf GTI TCR. But a self-respecting tuner, of course, sees room for improvement even with this sports model.

In four stages up to 450 hp

B&B is a tuner that is special holds. And because that is the case, the Siegener pump up the two-liter turbo gasoline engine in four stages. It starts gently with a boost pressure increase of 0.2 bar and an adaptation of the injection and ignition maps. The equivalent for 1,498 euros: 340 hp and a maximum of 450 Newton meters. Stage two (360 PS, max. 470 Newton meters) includes not only a boost pressure increase of 0.25 bar compared to the standard engine, but also a new downpipe including a sports catalytic converter, optimized intake and air ducts and the necessary map adjustments including engine tuning. Cost: 3,950 euros.

B&B Automobiltechnik
B&B offers several exhaust options for the VW Golf GTI TCR.

400 PS and a maximum of 520 Newton meters will be given to those who spend 7,950 euros for level three. A new turbocharger, sports exhaust system and optimized charge air cooling are added to the previous level. It goes without saying that the engine software is specially adapted to the new components. But all of this is just a little trick in comparison to the large B&B solution: 450 PS and 580 Newton meters at a price of 12,950 euros. This includes: a larger special turbo, machined hardware parts, a high-performance charge air and oil cooler and a racing exhaust with a sports catalytic converter. It goes without saying that there is also suction and air flowand engine management optimized.

Three exhaust options for the GTI TCR

Incidentally, the fact that the electronic top speed limit is canceled and the DSG transmission reprogrammed and thus adapted to the power gained applies to all performance levels. But only in category four does the Golf GTI TCR accelerate from zero to 100 km /h in 4.5 seconds, from zero to 200 km /h in 13.2 seconds and to a top speed of 280 km /h.

B&B Automobiltechnik
It's crazy what potential VW's 2.0 TSI still holds.

The exhaust components are of course also available individually. Downpipe and Sportkat cost 1,398 euros together. Pipe routing and cross-section are clearly improved here, which according to B&B alone should lead to 15 extra horsepower. The sound of the equally expensive cat exhaust can be changed in several stages using the remote-controlled sound configurator (998 euros). Performance fetishists, on the other hand, resort to the racing exhaust with a metal catalyst, which generates 20 extra horsepower and costs 2,795 euros.

Sport springs or coilovers

This clientele probably also uses the oil cooler, which costs 1,298 euros. And to the KW coilover kit of variant 3 (1,798 euros), which is adjustable in height, rebound and compression, which is available as an alternative to the sport spring set for 298 euros. The high-performance braking system, available from 3,795 euros, works on the front axle with 342 millimeter discs that fit in 18-inch rims - the size of the original wheels. If you choose the stopper version with 370 millimeter discs, you have to convert to a 19-inch model. Or the 8.5 x 20 inch rims with 235/30 tires that B&B offers as a complete wheel set for 3,298 euros.


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