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AC Schnitzer tuning for BMW 2 Series Coupé G42

AC Schnitzer grabs the new BMW 2 Series Coupé and uses the well-known means. The Aachen-based company offers various alternatives for many parts.

Until BMW finally unleashes the new M2 on mankind, which, as is well known, comes with plenty of M4 technology , the M240i will play the role of the top model within the small Munich coupé series. With rear or all-wheel drive, a fine three-liter inline six and twin-scroll turbocharging, it brings all sorts of driving fun qualities with it ex works. But there is still untapped potential in the compact Bavaria, says AC Schnitzer and treats the M240i, including its xDrive version and the entire 2-seater coupé armada, to an all-round tuning package.

For the ACS24.0i, however, the people from Aachen only ennoble the 240. For 4,308 euros, he gets an additional control unit that increases the performance of the B58B30O1 six-cylinder from 374 to 420 hp and its maximum torque from 500 to 600 Newton meters. In order to actually transfer the data into practice, however, it is necessary to feed it with at least 98 octane fuel. If you value the engine not only being more powerful, but also looking nicer, you can order an AC Schnitzer-style engine cover for an investment of 530 euros.

Expensive or cheap - both are possible

The tuner changes the tuning of the drive with sports rear silencers made of stainless steel including exhaust flaps, each of which is connected to two double tailpipes with carbon coating. At 3,990 euros, however, the exhaust system is quite expensive fun. Pays significantly less money if you opt for the pure tailpipe covers, especially since AC Schnitzer not only offers them in a carbon look, but also in a chrome-plated or black version. But then there is no acoustic upgrade.

Furthermore, the Rhinelanders offer a sports complete chassis for the BMW 2 Series Coupé, which leads to a lowering of 20 to 25 millimeters. Its price is based on whether the base vehicle has an adaptive chassis ex works (2,071 euros) or not (1,771 euros). But there is potential for savings here too – thanks to the sport spring set for 373 euros, which lowers in the same range. A set of wheel spacers, which costs 232 euros and moves the wheels twelve millimeters outwards on each side, round off the chassis tuning.

Two rim variants

AC Schnitzer is also spoiled for choice when it comes to the gear train. The weight-optimized AC4 rim is ideal for the BMW 2 Series Coupé; the complete wheel set costs 4,790 euros if Michelin or Continental tires are used. As an alternative, the AC1 wheel set (4,290 to 5,066 euros depending on the variant) is available, which, like its counterpart, is available in all black or in two colors with a black and silver finish.The dimensions are the same for both variants: AC Schnitzer puts the 8.5x20 inch rounds on the wheel hubs, with the tire formats differing between the front and rear axles (245/30 R20 at the front and 255/30 R20). If you want to save additional money, you can also order all wheelsets with Hankook tires and/or choose the AC1 rims in 19-inch format.

With its aerodynamic components, which are available for 2-series coupés with the M aerodynamic package, AC Schnitzer follows the motto "achieve a lot with little". On the front, there is only a matt black front spoiler lip (890 euros), which is intended to be used in the unpainted state. There is also a two-part rear spoiler (549 euros), a lip for the rear edge of the roof (434 euros) and a protective film for 93 euros, which is intended to protect the area of ​​the loading sill that is visible from the outside from damage.

New steering wheel and a lot of small parts

Inside it will be rather small. The driver always has the central change under control: The sports steering wheel has pronounced thumb recesses, wears nappa leather and Alcantara on the rim and, in addition to a light gray twelve o'clock marking, also has the AC Schnitzer logo. With shift paddles that are larger than the originals, aluminum pedals including a footrest, an aluminum cover for the iDrive controller and a holder for the vehicle key that fits exactly into the cup holder on the center console, the Aachen-based company has designed the 2-series interior in more areas around. If you book the complete package here, you get a total of 1,928 euros.


AC Schnitzer puts together a complete tuning package for the BMW 2 Series Coupé, which initially only brings more engine power to the M240i. For most components, however, the Rhinelanders offer several alternatives, which means that customers are also able to decide how much money they want to spend on their individualized compact coupe.


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