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Abt VW Golf R: 400 HP for the power Golf

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Abt VW Golf R
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A ls study it has already been presented, the 400 hp strong VW Golf. The potent Golf has also been sighted several times as a Erlkönig. The only thing that Volkswagen did not want to report to this day was that it was implemented. The tuner Abt in Allgäu has now nailed it and put together a tuning package for the VW Golf R that lifts the compact to an output of 400 hp.

370 or 400 hp from the black box

VW had already presented the study of the VW Golf R400 in China in 2014.

The 30 percent increase in performance for the two-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine is generated via an additional control unit for the standard engine control. The specially developed Abt Engine Control (AEC), together with a new sports catalytic converter, not only ensures an increase in performance to 400 hp. In addition, the maximum torque increases from 400 to 500 Nm. In return, however, the account balance drops by 4,390 euros. The sprint time also drops: from 4.6 to 4.1 seconds. The Vmax increases from 250 to 265 km /h. If you only invest 2,490 euros, you have to be content with 370 hp and 480 Nm (DSG) or 460 Nm (switch) shorter suspension springs that lower the Wolfsburg by 20 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear (350 euros). Sports stabilizers (490 euros) should bring a further increase in lateral dynamics. The driving pleasure can be further increased with a coilover kit (from 1,660 euros), which can be reduced by up to 40 mm on the front axle and by up to 45 mm on the rear axle. The brakes are also being refurbished. Here the Allgäu still have a powerful 6-piston front axle brake system with fixed calipers and 370 discsfor the price of 6,500 euros in the range.

Enjoyment for eyes and ears

And because the ears should also benefit from the increased enjoyment, Abt relies on a rear silencer with four 102 mm thick tailpipes. This arrangement with black chrome-plated tailpipes is also pleasing to the eye. The costs for this are 2,590 euros. The Abt appearance is rounded off by in-house alloy wheels, which can be mounted on the Golf in different designs and finishes as well as in 18, 19 or 20 inches. The complete wheel sets start at around 3,200 euros.

But the visual customization potential is far from exhausted: Side skirts (615 euros) and a tailgate attachment designed as a diffuser (215 euros) are simply part of the visual muscle game.


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