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Abt-VW Golf GTI in the driving report: When hot is not hot enough

Rossen Gargolov
Abt-VW Golf GTI in the driving report
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S o fast, like the Abt-VW Golf GTI appears, so quickly it disappears again: The compact car accelerates from zero to 100 km /h in just 5.9 seconds, taking six tenths off the last series model measured. With an additional control unit (2,349 euros) alone, the tuner gets 70 hp more from the four-cylinder, and the maximum torque is now 420 instead of 350 newton meters. Neither the speed level nor the performance characteristics change significantly, the two-liter engine in the Abt-VW Golf GTI takes a short breath and then revs up evenly and energetically. Only beyond the 6,000 rpm does the commitment decrease - only everything is even more powerful, so to speak on double cream level.

Abt-VW Golf GTI offers even more driving dynamics

The corresponding live music in the Abt-VW Golf GTI is played by the four-pipe brass band in the rear and their repertoire mainly based on low tones, but never in an obtrusive booming manner maltreats the nerves of the inmates. Instead, they have to put up with significantly worse suspension comfort. In return, so to speak, the lowering springs (in conjunction with the standard dampers) and the 19-inch wheels sharpen the handling of the Abt-VW Golf GTI significantly. Now the Golf is sharpening with even less body roll, minimal understeer and the best traction through corners. And then it's gone again.


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