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Abt-Audi A3 2.0 TDI versus AC Schnitzer-BMW 118d: diesel duel

Rossen Gargolov
Abt-Audi A3 2.0 TDI versus AC Schnitzer-BMW 118d
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V by the times When tuning was still called hairdressing and engine operations were carried out with oil-smeared hands in order to laboriously mobilize a few extra horses. Click, connect your laptop - today bits and bytes quickly conjure up moderate increases in performance. The computer game chip tuning is particularly popular with turbo diesel fans. Abt Sportsline and AC Schnitzer show how the diesel Audi A3 2.0 TDI and BMW 118d can be made faster.

Chip doping for the Abt-Audi A3 2.0 TDI

For almost 2,000 The abbots from Kempten dope the standard two-liter diesel in the Audi A3 from 150 to 170 hp. The maximum torque climbs from 320 to 360 Newton meters. The tuned Audi marches noticeably more robust than the production model, but without losing its linear performance characteristics. The power development is also pleasantly even in the tuned A3 version. The better sprint and pull-through values ​​are confirmed not only subjectively, but also on the measurement report.

Abt-Audi accelerates significantly faster

While the production vehicle with a manual six-speed gearbox took 8.5 seconds to accelerate to country road speed in the test, the Abt TDI, which was also manually shifted, broke the 100 mark after just 7.3 seconds. Up to 180 km /h the lead increases to a clear 4.8 seconds. The top speed of the spiced compact model also increases slightly with 218 km /h (series: 214 km /h).

Body kit for optical tuning

rattling, crackling, cracking? The Abt-A3 is not a rattling tuning booth with unsightly gaps. The Allgäu tuner has not only succeeded in perfectly coordinating the increase in performance, but also in developing a body kit whose quality level almost meets the high demands for Audi series production. For 3,700 euros, Abt is offering the so-called Aero package, including a front spoiler lip, front grille, fender inserts, side skirts, roof spoiler as well as a modified rear apron and a four-pipe rear silencer. Despite lowering sport springs by 35 millimeters (290 euros) and 19-inch wheels with 225/35 tires (complete: 3,490 euros), the pimped A3 manages the balancing act between everyday life and sport well. The suspension comfort is justmarginally tighter than with the S line sports suspension available ex works.

28 extra horsepower in the Schnitzer BMW 118d

The speaking time of the Abt A3 has expired, now the three-door BMW stands out 118d from AC Schnitzer out of the slipstream into the fast lane. For 2,321 euros, the Aachen-based tuner gets 28 extra horsepower from the four-cylinder diesel, which produces 143 horsepower in the standard trim. What is striking is the pecking engine noise of the performance-enhanced BMW two-liter with 171 hp. The Audi four-cylinder impresses more than the engine of the Schnitzer BMW 118d, not only thanks to its smoothness and sophistication.

With sprint values ​​of 7.8 seconds to 100 km /h and 22.7 seconds to 160 km h mark, the Schnitzer BMW 118d with manual six-speed gearbox can clearly undercut the measured values ​​of the 118d series model (0-100: 9.0 s; 0-160: 25.6 s), but it has to lag behind the more powerful dept -A3 line up.

As in the DTM: Schnitzer versus Abt

If the series look is too smooth, AC Schnitzer is getting a front spoiler (1,029 euros), a rear roof spoiler (726 euros) and an exhaust cover called “Racing” (472 euros) for the Schnitzer BMW 118d from the shelf. Speaking of racing, we couldn't help but suspend the two rivals at the Hockenheimring.

Of course, compared to racy sports equipment, the Abt-A3 TDI and the Schnitzer-BMW 118d have plenty of time to relax during to smear a salami bread in the fast lap. Nevertheless, the short course best reveals the lateral dynamic strengths and weaknesses of this compact diesel. Both the Abt Audi and the Schnitzer BMW roll on 8.5 x 19 inch wheels, but with different tires (Schnitzer: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, Abt: Conti Sport Contact 5P). But the choice of tires doesn't play a major role this time, both tires are moving at a similarly fast level.

Schnitzer-BMW 118d overtakes Abt-Audi A3

As in the 2012 DTM season, Schnitzer has a nose in front of the abbots in today's diesel duel on the racetrack. Despite the better passage, the tuned A3 loses the time trial against the Schnitzer BMW 118d by 0.6 seconds. The front-wheel drive Audi is ruined by the ESP, which cannot be completely switched off, with noticeable control interventions as well as its understeering designed chassis tuning, a faster Hockenheim time.

Disengageable DSC, rear-wheel drive and a more precise and less synthetic, smooth steering - the good, old BMW Virtues also ensure sportier feelings in the Schnitzer BMW 118d than in the Abt A3 - although the one is also only equipped with a sport spring set (744 euros).

More agile driving dynamics in the Schnitzer BMW 118d

While the Audi only reacts minimally to load changes and tends to use thePushes the front axle, the handling of the tuned 118d is much more agile. In the event of load changes or under full load towards the exit of a curve, the BMW rear even swings very easily. In the end, the tuned Schnitzer-BMW 118d wins the diesel duel thanks to the driving dynamics rating on the racetrack and in the slalom.

If there were an everyday rating, the Abt-Audi A3 could equalize in a draw. But the drive to get bread rolls plays a subordinate role for us.


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