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100 years of Mazda: Stylish special models from MX-5 and Co.

Mazda celebrates a century of the automobile
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Z u Of course, u think about a big birthday like the 100th back to what once was. This has also been done by Mazda, who launched their first car 100 years ago - the R360 Coupé. A small kei car that, unlike its competitors, was equipped with a four-stroke engine in the rear. In addition, the micro-coupé was the lightest car in the world at the time, weighing just 380 kilograms. As usual, there was of course a bestseller configuration back then - and Mazda is now taking up this in special birthday models.

Special paintwork and badges

The combination of white paintwork and the accent color Burgundy is the central component of the anniversary editions that Mazda will be offering for all models in the portfolio from autumn 2020. There are also corresponding anniversary logos on the headrests, hubcaps, floor mats, various badges and the vehicle key. Technically, nothing changes on the cars with the special version, it is a purely optical package.

Mazda will be offering the anniversary look for all models in its portfolio from autumn 2020.

In 1960 Mazda brought the R360 Coupé onto the market, thus laying the foundation for the company's history as an automobile manufacturer. The Mazda company existed before, but the main source of income was cargo tricycles. Because of the low entry price of 2,500 euros at the time, the small V2 racer marked the beginning of automotive mobility for many Japanese. The prices for the upcoming anniversary models are not yet known.


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