Watt Electric Vehicle Company WEVC: Commercial Vehicle Electric Platform

The British have developed a flexible electric commercial vehicle platform that is to be offered to third-party providers. Production is scheduled to start in 2023.

The British Watt Electric Vehicle Company has so far attracted attention with a retro sports car in the Porsche 356 look with an electric drive . Now WEVC is also entering the commercial vehicle business.

WEVC is now also rolling out its highly flexible electric architecture called Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES) for electric vans. PACES is highly customizable for different body styles, superstructures and vehicle sizes. It also meets all ISO regulations and European safety standards for small series type approvals. Since the batteries are integrated directly into the chassis, this results in high rigidity and low weight - which in turn increases the payload of vans.,

Production planned from 2023

The platform offer is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized vehicle manufacturers, special vehicle manufacturers and start-ups . Vehicles for distribution operations, small vans or minibuses are conceivable. Watt plans to present a first prototype of an electric commercial vehicle based on PACES by the end of the first quarter of 2022. The project is supported by the British government. From the third quarter of 2023, the production of electric commercial vehicles could then start at the Watt plant in the British Midlands. The plants offer a capacity to build between 2,500 and 5,000 units per year.,

In addition to the plant in the Midlands, a second production site is to be built in Cornwall in 2023, at which the small series production of sports cars and electric passenger cars with quantities of around 150 units per year is planned is.,


With WEVC, another supplier is coming onto the scene who wants to build commercial vehicles of all kinds for third-party providers on a flexible electric platform. Production is scheduled to start in late 2023. The British do not yet have any commercial vehicle customers.


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