VW T6.1 and T7 : configurator comparison

Two models of the Multivan can be ordered from VW: T6.1 and T7. We have configured both buses in the most expensive configurations. How expensive are the two Multivans with a completely full cabin in the end? Here's the answer.

The change in the world of VW buses is radical: Up to now, the VW bus was technically a derivative of the transporter. That is changing with the new generation. The T7 uses the modular transverse matrix (MQB) as a platform, on which a good 80 percent of all Group vehicles are based. This enables VW to electrify the Bullis, because the new model also comes as a plug-in hybrid. In addition, the car base gives the VW bus more agile cornering and more comfort. How the T7 performs on the road can be found in the photo show and in the driving report . All well and good, but the MQB platform was never intended for commercial vehicles. But what about craftsmen and co.? They still get their money's worth, especially since the T6.1 remains in the range as a transporter. Because in addition to the new car-based model, VW is also continuing to build the "old" Bulli. As Caravelle and Multivan. So it becomes clear: The T7 is not directly considered the successor of the T6.1, but is rather an additional model. It takes on the role of a comfortable family transporter. The most concise innovation of all would be clarified with that.

Treasure chest VW bus

It is still the case that you can "obstruct" a lot of money when buying a VW bus. And of course that applies to both the T6.1 and the T7 - ​​it doesn't matter which platform the bus is on. Especially if you book everything that the configurator gives you. We have virtually bred both the T6.1 and the T7 with their most expensive features and filtered out the most important differences. Are you ready for the top-price battle between the two top versions, the T6.1 Highline and the T7 Energetic? Then into the configurator jungle:

Drive and basic price

The T6.1 starts in the Highline version at 79,831 euros. A two-liter TDI engine with 150kW/204 hp then works under the hood, which transmits its power to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. What you probably wouldn't expect at first: VW sets the base price of the T7 significantly lower: In the Energetic version, it costs from 67,800 euros, around 12,000 euros less than the T6.1. Instead of a diesel engine, the new model has a 110 kW/150 hp 1.4-litre petrol engine, which combined with an electric motor provides a system output of 160 kW/218 hp. A dual-clutch transmission is also used, but it only has six stages and only engages the front wheels.

Exterior and interior design

On the subject of wheels: the T6.1 has standard 17-inch wheels.If that is too subtle, you can order your Bulli with black 18-inch rims in the Palmerston, Teresina or Valdivia versions for around 749 euros. On the other hand, 18-inchers with an anthracite finish are standard for the T7. Sounds laudable, absolutely. However, only one rim model is available for this purpose.

The two-tone body looks that the Wolfsburg company offers for both models are quite expensive. With the T6.1 – there are also more variants here – the most expensive special finishes cost 3,052 euros, with the T7 you pay slightly less at 2,975 euros. In addition, the T7 illuminates the way into the Bulli future as standard with range-adjusting LED matrix headlights including dynamic cornering lights. The T6.1 does not have the high-tech headlights. What about chrome? That's standard on the old model, can be found at the front on the lower air intake, on the side and at the back. The same applies to the chrome strips on the sides and rear of the T7. Similar to the body color selection, VW also saves on variants for the interior of the T7 in terms of design. While the T6.1 Highline comes with four different seat color variations at no extra charge, VW only allows the new Bulli one.

Comfort and functionality

The T7 makes up for this in row one with heated and ventilated EGR leather seats including massage and memory functions. However, only if the luxury seating is worth a whopping 5,319 euros. If you also treat the rear passengers in the outer seats to heated seats, you add another 1,195 euros. In the Energetic version, the T7 pampers its occupants as standard with a large, dimmed panoramic roof and tinted side windows – a huge plus for the new Multivan. Because the latter costs an extra 547 euros for the T6.1, a glass roof is not available at all. But a tailgate for 589 euros with an integrated window that can be opened electrically. In the T7 Energetic you also get it as standard.

If you want to make it easier for the passengers to get out of the new MQB Bulli, there are electric sliding doors on the left and right on request. Cost point: 1,297 euros. With the T6.1 Highline, electric sliding doors are standard. If you don't do that here, you save 749 euros - but we want to have everything that's possible.

That's why we're configuring the standard heated front seats in the previous model for 1,517 euros with additional lumbar supports, an electric twelve-way adjustment and a memory function for those behind the wheel. There is no seat heating for the rear in the T6.1, not even for an extra charge. For this, VW integrates four fold-out child seats in the second and third rows, provided that you invest 1,850 euros.

No rear seat in the T7

In row two of the T7 Energetic there are two individual seats in the middle row in the direction of travel, while the T6.1 Highline offers two rotating seats as standard.In the new Multivan, too, the occupants can drive backwards in row two – if you pay an additional 184 euros. In the future, however, the seats can no longer be rotated, but only removed and relocated. There is also no three-seater rear seat with reclining function for the back row, which the T6.1 Highline integrates into the basic price. Instead, VW offers three individual seats. A sliding multifunction table is included in both models.

And in terms of auxiliary heating? Well, it's standard in neither of the two models. In the T6.1 configurator you can tick two separate auxiliary heaters including a second battery, cut-off relay, battery monitoring and radio remote control. Of course, in winter or when the vehicle is standing for a long time, this is ideal. However, a hefty 2,998 euros flow into the bus. If you are satisfied with de-icing the windscreen and a warm driver's cab, 1,255 euros are enough. Incidentally, this is also the only option available in the T7. Here it costs a little more at 1,481 euros.


Customers can put tons of money into the infotainment for the T7 Energetic. If you order the most expensive version, the Discover Media navigation system with streaming, Internet and a ten-inch touch display, you will have to pay 1,088 euros. If you want the sound to really bang in the new Multivan, you can add the 800-watt top-of-the-line sound system from Harman & Kardon for 1,380 euros. The T6.1 Highline comes with a Discover Media system as standard – but only with a 9.2-inch screen.

Assistance systems and co.

With the assistance systems, the Wolfsburg-based company combines several features in one package for both models. With the 1,987-euro driver assistance package Plus in the T6.1, you get, among other things, heated and foldable exterior mirrors, automatic high beam control (already standard on the T7 Energetic) and distance cruise control with an emergency braking system. There are also lane keeping, lane change and parking assistants, as well as traffic sign recognition. In the T7, the corresponding driving assistant is called Travel Assist and costs "only" 1,231 euros extra. In addition, VW offers a dynamic extra with adaptive chassis control and 20 millimeters lowering for both Multivans. T6.1 customers pay 1,201 euros for this, with the T7 you get rid of 1,677 euros. Buyers can also configure the T6.1 with a differential lock on the rear axle. You don't have to worry about the 1,017 euros you have to pay for the T7. After all, it only drives the front wheels.

The bill, please

After selecting all the features mentioned and with a number of other supposedly smaller optional extras, the Multivans easily rise to the luxury segment in terms of price. With our configurations, the price of the new T7 Energetic adds up by 24,477 euros to a whopping 92,277 euros . In the T6.1 highline even flow 29,902 euros . So this comes to a total of 109,733 euros . Just for comparison: That's a whopping 9,656 euros more than is due for a new Mercedes S-Class with a short wheelbase.


At first glance, the options in the configurator for the T7 seem a bit meager compared to those for the T6.1. But the impression is deceptive. If you click through the special equipment, it quickly becomes clear that you can invest a lot of money in the new model and turn the VW bus into an automotive treasure trove. The 100,000 euro mark is quickly in sight, and the T6.1 Highline even takes it lightly. Crazy!


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