VW ID.Buzz studies: Electric bus is getting bussy

At the IAA Transportation, VW is showing new possible uses for the electric transporter - from the box body to the ambulance.

The new VW ID. Buzz can do more than just lifestyle. In the cargo version, it is a real utility vehicle. At the Commercial Vehicles IAA in Hanover, VW is showing the variety that the electric model offers with four studies that were developed in cooperation with various body manufacturers.,

ID. Buzz Flex-Cab concept

The Dutch body specialist Snoeks has an ID. Buzz Cargo equipped for passenger transport. The five-seater ID. The Buzz Flex-Cab concept thus becomes an electrically powered Caravelle. In the rear, the study is equipped with a three-seater bench seat; it can be used lengthwise in two different positions (standard or comfort legroom) or folded up completely including the seat. The seat bench is adjusted and folded up and down electrically via an actuation on the B or D pillars. Thanks to the flexibly usable bench seat, the air-conditioned rear can be adapted to passenger transport or the transport of goods as required. The ID. Buzz Flex-Cab passenger transport concept can be used, for example, as a shuttle, taxi, municipal minibus or trolley for craftsmen.,

ID. Buzz emergency vehicle

The ID. Buzz is also suitable as an emergency doctor's vehicle. This is shown by the German body manufacturer Bösenberg at the IAA with a near-series study. Up to three people can be accommodated on board the ID. Buzz ambulance vehicle. The hold was converted into a workplace for the doctor and his medical equipment. Bösenberg has developed a modular concept for this, so the complete integration of the equipment and all special components requires only minimal changes to the basic vehicle. The special signal technology is also integrated into the concept. It is operated via a separate battery system.

ID. Buzz Cargo with case

A case body is ideal for maximum loading volume. The Dutch body manufacturer Veth Automotive is bringing it to the ID. buzz With the box body, the loading volume increases from 3.9 m³ to 6.0 m³. The ID. Buzz Cargo up with it. The side walls and the rear of the case can be equipped with classic doors, sliding doors and/or blinds. This guarantees that courier drivers, for example, can reach the parcels from any side. The study is equipped with a low-reaching door on the passenger side, a blind on the driver's side and large gullwing doors in the rear. There is also free space all around for company logos and advertising. Inside, the box is equipped with a floor that prevents the load from slipping and does not wear out.,

ID. Buzz Cargo refrigerated vehicle

Body manufacturer Wükaro presents an ID at the IAA.Buzz Cargo as a refrigerated vehicle. It was specially designed for inner-city delivery traffic and thus for the so-called "last mile". The cooling system consists of a flat 230-volt cooling system on the roof (flat ceiling evaporator), four lithium-ion batteries (each with a nominal charge of 100 ampere hours) and an inverter with an integrated battery charger. The four batteries of the cooling system, which are housed in the wheel housings to save space, enable the system to run independently for six to eight hours. In general, it is also possible to pre-cool the load compartment if the ID. Buzz Cargo is online. Depending on the equipment, the study can carry a payload of up to 390 kilograms.

ID. Buzz in customer service

The electric transporter for the household appliance group Miele, which was developed for Miele in cooperation with the company CS/Würth, is already more than a study. In the cargo area of ​​the transporter, for example, there is an extension with shelving systems for storing materials, spare parts and tools for customer service, which is tailored to the requirements of the service employees. A center console with an integrated folding table serves as a workplace for the driver in the passenger compartment. The special paintwork in "paprikarot", which is typical for the Miele company, is particularly striking. Five fully electric vehicles will be used right from the market launch in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Norway and Spain, with more to follow in 2023.,


With the ID. Buzz also score in the commercial vehicle segment. The studies at the IAA Transportation show the possibilities offered by electric vans.


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