VW Abt E-Caddy: electric box can now be ordered

VW Abbot E-Caddy
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G Together with Abt, VW has developed an electrically powered Caddy. At the fair it was presented in a taxi dress, now it will be available as a sheet metal van version. The E-Caddy is based on the maxi version of the small van, which with the extended wheelbase provides up to 4.2 cubic meters of loading volume. The drive of the Abt E-Caddy was developed by the Abt E-Line GmbH.

VW E-Caddy at the IAA Commercial Vehicles

An 83 kW works on board the Abt E-Caddy and a 200 Nm electric motor. It drives the front wheels. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The energy content of this battery is 37.3 kWh. Power electronics manage the flow of energy between the motor and the battery. The Abt E-Caddy is shifted via an automatic input gear. The empty battery is fully charged again within five hours at connections with up to 7.2 kW charging power (e.g. wall boxes). With the Quick Charge method at 50 kW, the battery is 80 percent charged again in just 50 minutes.

The range of the E-Caddy is specified as up to 159 kilometers (WLTP). The maximum speed is limited to 90 km /h, optionally 120 km /h. The Abt E-Caddy is offered exclusively as a leasing vehicle and starts at 293 euros net as a panel van. The calculation basis for the leasing rate is a total price that starts at 29,900 euros.


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