Unicat team: MD75h on MAN TGS with trailer WT69

Manufacturer Unicat builds monster team
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The combination consisting of the MD75h towing vehicle and the WT69 trailer from Unicat looks monstrous. The manufacturer of expedition mobile homes has really outdone itself with its latest work. The 9.96 meter long mobile based on the MAN TGS 26.540 6x6 was not enough for a Kazakh rally driver and he immediately ordered the appropriate trailer including a workshop. The trailer is perfectly adapted to the towing vehicle and the conditions of the Kazakh steppe.

Towing vehicle MD75h on MAN TGS

The truck chassis is suitable for off-road use thanks to the transfer case with off-road reduction as well as permanent all-wheel drive with longitudinal lock and differential locks in the front and rear axles. A parabolic suspension, shock absorbers and stabilizers on the front and rear axles allow the colossus to glide safely over hills and through ditches. 16.00 R 20 tubeless off-road tires are pulled onto the rims. 540 hp push the MAN TGS 6x6 forward. Including an additional tank, the Unicat-Mobil holds 750 liters of diesel. Petrol stations are in short supply in the desert and therefore the trailer is also equipped with a 400 liter diesel tank for refueling. A 150 liter petrol tank with feed pump is used to refuel other vehicles.

tatted. The empty weight of the 6.90 meter long WT69 is 13,800 kilograms and the gross vehicle weight is 18,000 kilograms. The structure and heating system are identical to the towing vehicle. In the front part of the vehicle there are four beds in two bunk beds as well as a kitchen and a sanitary room. In addition, the beds can be converted into seating for up to six people and a table can be set up.

The workshop in the rear of the trailer is exciting. You enter it through a separate entrance from behind. Inside there is a workbench with a base cabinet, as well as a large storage cabinet with drawers, a floor-standing drilling and milling machine, a welding machine and other power tools. The rally drivers' motorcycles can be repaired here.

The trailer is attached to the MAN TGS with a NATO towing eye. This adapts better to the off-road conditions than a normal trailer hitch. A reversing camera above the NATO towing eye always monitors whether theTrailer is still attached. The trailer also has a reversing camera. The driver can switch between this and that of the towing vehicle.

Together, the combination costs 1.25 million euros. The towing vehicle is the heaviest at 800,000 euros, the trailer is around 450,000 euros.

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