Unicat MAN TGS 6x6 expedition vehicle: A castle goes on a journey

Unicat MD72h MAN TGS 6x6 expedition vehicle
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U n noticeably, you cannot use Unicat. Anyone who orders a new vehicle from the expedition mobile specialists in Dettenheim near Karlsruhe will usually receive a device that makes a Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 look like a compact city car. This also applies without restriction to the latest Unicat prank: The MD72h based on the MAN TGS 6x6 casts a huge shadow.

With a length of 10.8 meters, a width of 2.49 meters and, above all, a height of 3.83 meters if you would cause fear and horror at a campsite on Lake Garda, the MD72h is therefore designed for longer trips and more secluded parking spaces. A 7.2 meter long box body is mounted behind the spacious, extended driver's cab, which is optimized for a two-person crew on around 16 square meters and can accommodate up to six people on the seating area in the bow that can be converted into a guest bed.

Unicat MD72h with 540 PS

The engine of the Unicat MD72h produces 540 PS, and so that its future owner can concentrate on the steering work, a 12-speed automatic transmission from ZF manages the shift work. With permanent all-wheel drive (including transfer case lock), switchable terrain reduction and differential locks on all axles, it should take a while before you really get the 20-ton colossus off-road into trouble. However, provisions are also made for such cases: hydraulically operated winches are mounted at the front and rear, which can be conveniently operated from the driver's cab and can transport the load back to a safe surface.

Up to six people can make themselves comfortable at the seating area in the bow of the cabin

Unicat manufactures the structure from 60 millimeter thick GRP composite panels in sandwich construction, which are free of cold bridges on GRP profilesbe glued. The insulated floor of the living room is stabilized with a foamed steel frame reinforcement. The windows of the superstructure have a relatively small area and are mounted flush with the outside, they are scratch-resistant and burglar-proof. The roof windows bring more light into the structure: two panorama roofs with lifting function, each 1.3 square meters in size, and a large boat skylight in the shower room.

The structure of the structure is exceptionally comfortable. The 1.8 x 2.0 meter bed in the rear has ventilation and heating as well as a separating door to the living area. In the sleeping area, the walls and deck are clad with Alcantara fabric, while the rest of the living area is painted several times. In the kitchen you can let off steam by the stove with induction hobs, an oven with a microwave and a large stainless steel sink. The lower and upper cabinets offer plenty of space for dishes and utensils, in which special mountings ensure that they are suitable for the slopes without rattling. The compressor refrigerator has a capacity of 135 liters, a separate compressor freezer holds an additional 65 liters.

12.6 kWh power storage in the Unicat MD72h

A motorhome of this size class is self-sufficient a matter of honor, of course. Accordingly, the Unicat MD72h is prepared for many days of free standing. The solar system with a maximum output of 1,250 watts on the cabin roof supplies the electricity in no less than 10 AGM supply batteries, which have a combined capacity of 1,050 Ah. Unicat puts the effectively usable amount of energy with fully charged batteries at 12.6 kWh. Two inverters convert the 24 volt direct current to the 230 volt alternating current common in Germany. A mains charger with 0.72 kW output is available for the shore connection, which digests all feed voltages when traveling from 90-260 volts.

However, if the enormous battery capacity should be exhausted, there is also a water-cooled three-cylinder -Diesel generator ready, which in turn is self-sufficient: It has its own power supply with starter battery, charger and solar system, so that it is guaranteed to start under all circumstances. The storage space of the Fischer Panda generator is pressurized with compressed air while driving so that no snow or water can penetrate -Liter heat exchanger with electric auxiliary heater. A 140 liter tank is available for gray water, the faeces tank of the porcelain toilet holds 100 liters and has a vacuum vent with an activated carbon filter. A heat exchanger also uses the waste heat from the engine to heat the cabin, and there is also a 9 kW central heating system with diesel operation. Two roof air conditioners ensure pleasant temperatures in summer.

At the price of the MD72h, which was built on behalf of a customer, that is what Unicat doesusual silence. But one can assume the equivalent of a city apartment. A large city apartment. Centrally located in a big city.


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